EXTREME UPPER BODY Workout - Get TANK TOP Ready in 31 Days

EXTREME UPPER BODY Workout - Get TANK TOP Ready in 31 Days

It's time to feel the BURN and TONE that upper body with this EXTREME UPPER BODY Workout - Get TANK TOP Ready in 31 Days! Grab that Resistance band and target your Upper Body in 8mins! Do this everyday for 31days to start seeing results!

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Total-Body Benefits of the Extreme Upper Body Workout- Get Tank Top Ready in 31 Days!

Feeling Confident, Comfortable and Learning to Love your Body! 

When you live with body confidence, you free up a tremendous amount of energy that you can then focus on your goals, your mental health and on connecting with the people you love. Body confidence is how you feel about the way you look. When we have body confidence we accept, and are happy with how we look and what our bodies can do. Self-confidence is feeling okay about yourself in the face of success and struggle. Self-confidence is also self-esteem plus self-love. To love yourself you have to see all of you and be okay with yourself in all your abilities and failings. Being able to love your own body means being able to see the beauty in every body, the perfection of every individual flaw. Understanding how to love your body is understanding that there's no one right way to have a body.

Loving your body allows you to do lots of amazing stuff! Think about everything your body allows you to do on a daily basis. This could be walking, breathing, or digesting the food you eat! These things may seem small, but they're vital in keeping you alive, happy and healthy. Your body is even more amazing than that thought!

After this workout and following daily on in the BTES App you will learn to love your own skin and leave at the end of the workout with a changed mindset!

Mindset : Having a great mindset is so important and by working on this and developing your journey of fitness and nutrition you will really reap the benefits! We aren’t born knowing ourselves. It’s a journey you must decide to embark on and getting to know who you are is essential to a productive, winning mindset. Specifically, it can help you to become happier as you set boundaries with yourself and those around you, it will give you clarity when making decisions whether small or large and it gives you a broader understanding and tolerance of others. Delving deep into yourself helps you understand not just you, but the world around you and with understanding comes tolerance and connection. When you’re living a life that is true to who you are, you can save yourself from unnecessary turmoil and learn how to optimize your energy. Truthfully, knowing yourself is the most important thing you can do if you want to lead a healthy life with a clear mind.

Motivation : Is especially important when it comes to exercise, getting fit, getting healthy or losing weight. As the saying goes 'a little motivation goes a long way.' It's important to know where your motivation comes from and that there are different types of motivation. There are external things that motivate you and then there are the internal desires that drive you.  It is the intrinsic motivation, that comes from within you that is key to getting those health and fitness results you desire. This is something important to you in the present time and you can take control of it today! It is not necessarily about future goals, it is more about the way you can work on yourself physically and emotionally to make yourself mentally stronger!

Your next action step today is to be more comfortable in your own skin!

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Extreme Upper Body Workout- Get Tank Top Ready in 31 Days! What are we doing in today's workout?!

Side Arm Extensions L+RUse long bands or a weight for this exercise. Grab that band and extend your arm out to the side. Get enough resistance in the band and extend out to the side and enough resistance so that you can feel the tension as you bring it back in. Do this for 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. Do this on one side and then switch to the other side. Hold the band with your elbow bent and resting into your neck, as you use your other hand to hold the band and take it out to the side and then bring it back in again. Start to feel those shoulders burn with every single rep that you do. extend all the way out 3 2 1 and gently release.

Bicep Pulses L+R : Put your band under one foot and hold out to the same side with your arm and the band with tension! Hold the band in the palm of your hand. Lift up and down doing little pulses so you can feel it all the way in your back. Take it over to the other side and do the same.

Getting results is all about showing up! Be confident!

How do you feel confident? By Showing Up!

Wide Rows : Position your legs apart, slightly wider with both feet holding the long band in place. Take the band up and down. Lift up the band with both hands and with your knees out to the side. you don't want too much tension, just lift up and down and repeat. Pull your core in nice and tight as you use your bands to work your chest and shoulders. You just want and need to feel the tension in your arms.

Weighted V Pulses : Grab two weights and stand with your feet apart. Take the weights in your hands, out to the side and up high. Push those arms out slightly, bending your elbows and making little pulses up and down. Drop your shoulders down slightly and lift up through your chest. Then drop your shoulders down gently. Keep your arms elevated. Push through the pain to make those decisions to get comfortable! 3 2 1 and release!

Row Across Chest To Arm Ext L+R : Using one weight either 5 lbs or 8lbs, if you want to really challenge yourself try a 10lb weight! Create a row through and across your body. As you make a row push out and twist your body, pushing the weight up to the sky. Do one side and then take it to the other side. Do the row, twist your body and push up to the sky. Keep your core engaged, hold your other hand on your hip and use your weight to push yourself to the next level.

Boost your Confidence!

Boost your Energy!

Give this 10 minute workout routine or get the full 30 minute workout on the BTES App! 


Looking to build your upper body strength, tone your arms and back even more? Add this BUILD UPPER BODY STRENGTH WORKOUT to your workout routine for 30 days to start seeing great results!

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