Extreme Obliques & Lower Body Blast

Extreme Obliques & Lower Body Blast

Target that Lower Belly and feel the BURN in 10mins with this EXTREME OBLIQUES & LOWER BELLY BLAST Workout!! Add this to your daily routine and do for 30days to start seeing results!

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Total-Body Benefits of the Extreme Obliques & Lower Body Blast Workout

Ankle Weights : Ankle weights are one of the most essential tools in creating toned, lean legs and a lifted butt. The added weight allows the muscles to activate and work. They will help you gain a strong lower half and a stable centre, Simply by adding ankle weights, you will gain a strong lower half and a stable centre. Your heart rate will increase even more, ankle weights have been shown to help increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat percentage. Ankle weights crank up the intensity on your workout and this will get your metabolism working in overdrive. With the advantages of stronger legs, a stable core and a boost in endurance, you’ll also gain the ability to walk and run with ease! The benefits of using Ankle Weights are amazing!

Discipline & Consistency : From the food you eat to the amount of exercise you do is dependent on how disciplined you are. Exercise promotes a sense of control over the body that may translate to an improved sense of control over other aspects of life, which is a key defence against stress. Fitness is the best discipline training method on earth. If you struggle with being disorganized or unfocused, try working out more, training for a triathlon or doing something physical that has to do with your fitness. You'll find those experiences are the best discipline training methods on earth. 

Self-discipline is the ability to control yourself and to make yourself work hard or behave in a particular way without needing anyone else to tell you what to do. Self-discipline is a commitment to yourself and it involves following through on that commitment, even when it's hard. Self-discipline is a learned skill, not an innate characteristic and the only way to improve your self-discipline is through intentional and dedicated practice.

As with all types of self-improvement, change is difficult and it takes time. 

Consistency is the key to your health and fitness goals. Having that someone or a supportive group of like - minded individuals will keep you accountable for completing a workout which will increase your results. We all use excuses and there will always be lots of reasons to miss your daily workout - don't be that person! The main reason why people quit on their goals is that there are no real consequences for their inaction. Remember that It takes time and consistency to start seeing good results and to achieve a full body transformation. The bottom line is 'it has to become a lifestyle' or the weight and body fat will eventually come back if you stop exercising. 

Exercise, Mindset & Nutrition : A generally active life, even without regular exercise is linked to a better and healthy heart and greater longevity. The daily exercise routine only takes up a small fraction of the day. Regular exercise and physical activity promotes strong muscles and bones. It improves respiratory, cardiovascular health, and overall health. Staying active can also help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk to some health conditions. This daily routine and self - discipline is so important to your own personal health and well being.

When you exercise, your body releases a bunch of hormones known as endorphins. Often referred to as 'happy hormones'! Endorphins are designed to trigger a positive feeling in the body, making you more relaxed, calm and happy. 

Exercising can actually make you feel good! It might not seem like it when you’re feeling a little out of breath and red in the face, but getting your body moving can significantly improve your mood. Exercising can also work wonders for your mental health and what you do with your body can have a powerful, maybe even life-changing effect on your mind. It’s thought that taking part in a little physical activity every day can help maintain and improve your wellbeing in a number of different ways. It can bring about a sense of heightened self-esteem and self-control, as well as giving you the push you may need to realise your ability to rise to a challenge.

Mindset is what differs between those who succeed and those who do not. If you’re serious about achieving success in any area of your life, you must learn to master yours. When you change your thinking, you change your action and therefore your mindset. When action changes, results change. In short, what you think, you become. Once you start to change your mindset, you will immediately start to change your behaviour. Having a great mindset is so important and by working on this and developing your journey of fitness and nutrition you will really reap the benefits! We aren’t born knowing ourselves. It’s a journey you must decide to embark on and getting to know who you are is essential to a productive, winning mindset. Specifically, it can help you to become happier as you set boundaries with yourself and those around you, it will give you clarity when making decisions whether small or large and it gives you a broader understanding and tolerance of others.

Delving deep into yourself helps you understand not just you, but the world around you and with understanding comes tolerance and connection. When you’re living a life that is true to who you are, you can save yourself from unnecessary turmoil and learn how to optimize your energy. Truthfully, knowing yourself is the most important thing you can do if you want to lead a healthy life with a clear mind.

Eating a healthy balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise is essential in maintaining physical and mental health and well-being. Not only are these effective in preventing excess weight gain or in maintaining weight loss, but healthier lifestyles are also associated with improved sleep and mood. 

20% of your results are down to Exercise, 80% are due to good Nutrition and 100% is down to Mindset!

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Extreme Obliques & Lower Body Blast - What are we doing in today's workout?!

Squat Wood Choppers L & R : Start up in a standing position and add 2 hand weights to this workout. Take the two weights across your body with both hands holding the weights tight together. Make sure your hands are wrapped around both weights. Twist and extend as you push those weights out strong to the side. Bend your knees and take them out to the side, twist down to one side and then to the other side, pushing up on to the diagonal. Then take it down to the other side, twist and push up. Pull your core in tight and think about that twist as you take the weights across your body. really extend those arms!

Standing Side Crunch with Leg Lift L & R : Take one weight, either a 5lb or 8lb weight is great for this exercise. Hold the weight in your hand with your arm straight down your side. Take one arm down and lift your opposite leg up as you make this move. Do 45 seconds on each side in a slow and controlled way. Hold your hand on your hip and keep your shoulders engaged. Keep one leg straight and steady as you drop your arm down and lift your other leg up. Squeeze your glutes in each and every time! Pull your core in nice and tight and then do the same on the other side.

Feel the balance, feel the crunch in your obliques and keep your core working! Try and get down a bit lower each time!

Knee Tucks to Leg Extension : Sit on your bottom on the ground and get those ankle weights ready on both ankles! Bend your knees, lie on your back with your hands out to the side of your body. Make sure your hands are supporting your body. Bring your knees in and then extend your legs up. Extend your legs out, lift up and then bring back in with your knees bent towards your body. Extend your legs long, hold your core in tight and then bring them back in towards your body with your knees bent. Really push and extend your legs up to the sky. Then bring your knees in towards your chest and repeat!

45 Degree Leg Taps on Diagonal : Have both legs stretched up high, lie on your back and keep your legs extended tall. Hold your head with both hands and lift it slightly off the ground. Bring your chest up and then tap each leg from side to side. Alternate your hand to your alternate leg. Extend your arm out and really push yourself. Tap on the outside of your leg as you keep your knees nice and tight and your legs focussed! Really think about that twist to give it a real blast!

Give this 10 minute workout routine or get the full 30 minute workout on the BTES App! 


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