Exercise Moves to Build Lean Arm Muscles

Exercise Moves to Build Lean Arm Muscles

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Total-Body Benefits of Exercise Moves to Build Lean Arm Muscles

Feeling Unbelievable : Working on your body and mindset at the same time through exercise, will really help you in so many ways! Using exercise to change your body, get great results and by working on your mindset at the same time, is simply the best combination to help you feel unbelievable! When you exercise, it increases all of those brain chemicals associated with feeling happy, confident, capable, less anxious, stressed and even less physical pain.

We all know that being happy is healthy, so be a leaf on a tree and keep growing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Be part of a community! Our BTES Community is an amazingly supportive group of like minded members who all support and enjoy everything that the BTES App has to offer! We provide exercise, challenges, mindset, personal development and so much more! We acknowledge that each and everyone of us is unique and special!

Just do your best and keep showing up!

Determination & Strength : Building a positive and consistent exercise habit is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Anyone can do it, but it can be hard to start and maintain. No one is born knowing how to work out. It’s something that must be learned and that type of commitment is a personal investment that pays itself back handsomely. You don’t have to be motivated to start exercising, motivation can be developed through your exercise journey as you begin to see the outcomes of your efforts.

Many people start working out but give up sooner than the benefits and rewards have had enough time to reveal themselves. If you can create intrinsic motivation, you will find the time to work out no matter what demands you have on your time because exercise will become so important to you. A shift like this occurs when your mindset changes from should do to want to. When this happens, you are self-determined. You can make your own decisions and perform actions with ease and without any outside influence. If you haven’t created a consistent exercise routine but want to, then you must understand that it’s possible. Sometimes it happens in fits and spurts and sometimes it’s more effortless. Your exercise goals are well within reach. 

Results : No two people have identical goals when it comes to working out, meaning that the general timeline to see results of any kind, is pretty malleable. Seeing changes to your physical and mental health from working out is both a short and long-term game. Don’t get discouraged if your friends lose weight or gain muscle faster than you. People often respond differently to the same exercise program. No matter whether your training is focused on strength or endurance, your long-term goals have to be right for you.

Don’t get discouraged! It’s up to you how successful your training is. The key is to assess how much time you are prepared to invest in your workout and most importantly to be consistent in every aspect of your exercise, nutrition, health and well - being!

Be Kind to Yourself!

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Exercise Moves to Build Lean Arm Muscles - What are we doing in today's workout?!

Bicep Curls L & R : You will need a long band for this exercise. Put one foot in the band and hold the other end firmly in your hand. Extend your arm out nice and long and lift up through your chest as you make a Bicep Curl. Make Bicep Curls in and out and bring back to halfway. Push your arm going up straight and stand nice and tall. Bend your elbow slightly and hold that tension for 15 seconds, before going onto the next exercise where you will add pulses!  Keep your toes and feet firmly on the mat.  Keep your back still and your body steady. Hold the band up until you hit your end range of motion, where you can't pull the band any further. At this point, bring your elbow forward a few inches and squeeze out of your biceps. Do Not Quit!

Bicep Curl Pulses : Hold the same position with the band as you did for the Bicep Curls, but this time make gentle, tiny pulses! Hold your band in one hand and in place with the same foot. Use the band to do a Bicep Curl. Pull your core in tight and take your arms out nice and wide. Extend your arm out and give a pulse at the end. How is your bicep working? Check it out! Take the band over to the other side and repeat. Stay strong, look at those biceps and have fun! 3 2 1 feel that pulse! As you make those tiny pulses up and down, slightly bend your knee and push your foot firmly into the mat. Tuck your hips in tight, move and gently pulse your hand. Make sure you pull the band up and down at the same time. Take a 15 second rest but keep pulsing up and down. 

Your body is moving! Feel your body moving and working with every single rep. Tell yourself 'I am Incredible!'

Tricep Extensions L & R : Position your right leg back, your left leg forward and with your shoulders facing the front of your mat. Put your heel into the band and lean forward, extending your body out onto the mat. Hold your arm out to the back holding the band in position in the palm of your hand. Stretch up and down to feel the tension the whole time! Facing the front of your mat, use your tricep to move up and down. Hold that tension out to the back and instead of a rest do pulses. Lean forward so that you can really feel the BURN! Find that extra strength, release and take over to the other side. Really think about extending through your back with every single move which is taking you towards those results!

Tricep Extension Pulses : This exercise is the same as the previous one but with those pulses! This exercise targets the triceps by working one arm at a time. You are also engaging your core and torso for stability. This exercise will help to sculpt and tone your arms, as well as improving your upper body strength and balance. 

Pull your core in tight, stand up nice and strong and adjust your shoulders. Feel those pulses as you make little pulses up and down. Keep moving your arm up and down. Bring your arm up higher, bend that forward knee and keep your other leg back straight and steady. Push your heel into the ground and if you want to rest one hand on your forward facing knee then do it! 

You can do this! Keep on going!

Hammer Curls to Forward Press The Hammer Curl to Press is a multi-joint, upper-body exercise that increases strength and size in the biceps, triceps and shoulders. Hammer Curls target the long head of the bicep and are a relatively simple exercise that beginners can quickly master. 

You need two weights for this and take your body into a Hammer Curl. Face forward and bring the weights into your chest, touch your shoulder and then push out in front of you. Take your arms up strong and high and punch out with the weights. Stand tall and steady, holding the weights nice and strong! Pull your belly button in and drop your shoulders down. Breathe through it, inhale and exhale as you lift up through your chest.

AMAZING! Give yourself a clap! 

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