Bootcamp Abs at COMO Maalifushi

Bootcamp Abs at COMO Maalifushi

COMO Maalifushi is the 3rd resort that Cory and I have visited in this hotel group, and we are HUGE fans!! I absolutely love their high standards, family-oriented staff, and what they refer to as a "shambhalah" menu which offers healthy foods that taste incredible. The meals here are phenomenal and keep us feeling our absolute best while enjoying the amazing setting and activities.

Every COMO I've stayed at has a unique scent at all of their resorts, and it's a custom blend of essential oils that makes me feel like I'm at home. Every aspect of the design and little details that make up this resort are nothing short of luxurious!

This was probably the best resort we have ever visited - our room was absolutely amazing and looked straight out to crystal clear ocean. We couldn't see anything or anybody else around, making the space completely exclusive and private. 

During our 5-night stay here, I taught a couple of workout classes and got to know the other travelers. There was even someone on the island who had been following along with my videos before we met! The resort also provides bikes to get around with and we had a lot of fun riding to different spots in the area. 

I highly recommend visiting COMO because, in my experience, there is simply nothing like it. This place seems as though it's been created from the best and most beautiful tropical dream.

I'll be releasing the vlog soon so you can get a whole tour of our trip to Maalifushi (make sure you've subscribed to my Youtube channel so you get a notification when new releases get posted)! I also filmed the first video in our ALL NEW BOOTCAMP series at this location, and you're going to love crushing these intense ab exercises with me - it's like we're in paradise together!!



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