Cardio Calorie Burn At Home

Cardio Calorie Burn At Home

This workout will help you burn a lot of calories and get your heart rate up. These exercises can all be done from home and modifications for all levels. The best Cardio calorie burn at home in 10 minute workout.

The workout will consist of:

  • Running on spot lunge touch down
  • Inch worms to mountain climbers
  • Alternating knee to chest
  • Squat to tap ground
  • High skips
  • Side steps jump
  • Mountain climbers to frog jumps
  • Body kicks
  • Bicycles
  • Side jump touch ends of mat
  • In & out jumps
  • Star jumps 2 high knees
  • Repetors L+R
  • High plank jump feet in-between hands

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    If you could've added one more move what would it be?!

    Get the full 28 minute version here!

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