CARDIO & BOOTY - tone your BUM & BURN calories!

CARDIO & BOOTY - tone your BUM & BURN calories!

Have you checked out the ALL NEW  CARDIO & BOOTY workout?
Get ready to BURN calories & your BOOTY! We're gonna get the heart rate up & tone that perky peach! 
Check out the 10 minute routine on Youtube and get the full-length (28 minutes!) version in the BURN app!
MAKE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE NEW PODCAST on making the choice & do it anyways! 
Ever feel uncomfortable and want to say no? Well, not today! We put on our BIG GIRL PANTS & make the decision to do it anyway. Growth doesn't live in our comfort zones, we've gotta embrace the uncomfortable situations! Learn 7 tips to get through anything! 

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And don't forget about my NEW BLOG - Summertime low cal COCKTAILS!


It's just liquid right?! I know that summer is a social season & alcohol is likely gonna be in the mix.. don't let it impact your results! We can enjoy these treats in moderation & with fresh ingredients. 

Look inside here for the recipes for these spirits!  

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