Can Loving Yourself Get You Better Results?

Can Loving Yourself Get You Better Results?

Loving yourself... It is not always easy to do right?! We beat ourselves up, talk negatively to ourselves and even though we know it slows down our growth, we do it anyway! Loving yourself is easier said than done and is a complete mental challenge. With how society is today, we are programmed to be harder and harder on ourselves. Constantly comparing and focusing on what we don't have instead of what we do. Can making a mental shift affect your physical results?

The BURN App is not not only your go to home workouts, it's also to stretch your mindset and work on your energy! Check out this months Challenge that happens to be all about LOVING YOURSELF! 

Let's take a look as some ways that loving yourself and treating your body with respect can help you achieve the results you've been working for!


Confidence is key - we’ve heard it a million times, and sometimes still don’t feel it. Starting a new job, going on a first date, or presenting a major project - it’s human to get nervous and for confidence to fly out the window. And to succeed we must fully believe in ourselves! To get there we must change our mental and physical state.

Here are tips on how to BOOST your confidence in just 5 MINUTES:

  1. Strike A Pose: You can trick the chemicals in your brain by the way you position yourself! When your body takes up a lot of space - hormones are released and you feel more powerful. Want to feel like Wonder Woman? Then stand like her - no seriously, there are facts that prove that her stance increases confidence like no other. Crossing your arms and covering your stomach is considered a low power pose. “Low” power poses make you feel just as low. When you need more self-esteem just check your body language! That language communicates with us more than we give it credit for. The best part - it only takes a couple of minutes to get those hormones pumping and belief in ourselves flows. Let’s embrace our inner and outer WONDER WOMAN!

  2. Self Love: The key to confidence is the relationship you have with yourself! Getting to know every little detail about YOU - the good, the bad, the ugly. NOBODY is perfect - including you. There are going to be times when we want what someone else has - we all struggle with comparison. When comparison controls your mindset, remember that everyone is so different. If we were all the same, the world would be so colorless! Make your color shine SO BRIGHT! We have so many beautiful traits to celebrate. When you want to increase your confidence quickly - think of three things that love you about yourself and make that your mantra. Say it over and over again until you truly believe it!

  3. Breathe: TEAM BURN, don’t forget to breathe! When you stop breathing properly you shut oxygen to your brain - so you can’t think clearly. AND it’s all about how you take that oxygen in. When we breathe rapidly through our chest - it’s not relaxing you. To increase your self-esteem take slow, BIG belly breaths. In through the nose and out from the mouth. This airflow will calm you physically and mentally!


Are you feeling just... blah for whatever reason? Sometimes we need a little extra push to get motivated. All you need to do is find out what lifts you up out of that funk and keeps the fire burning - check out my favorite ways to get going!

Learn More: Whether it's an interesting subject you've always thought about diving into or discovering new methods for self-improvement, there are so many ways to learn something new EVERY DAY! You do have time that can be dedicated to expanding your knowledge and improving your mindset - if you think you don't, make that time happen. Invest in a good book, look into online classes, take action! You'll be surprised how this initiative can change the outlook of your life.

My favorite way to learn is by listening to other people speak about their experiences & expertise because it's a great way to feel engaged and get activated. 

Change Your Outlook: Language is everything. What you say to yourself is just as important as how you speak to others. Would you tell your best friend that they're not capable of reaching their goals, trying new things, being the best that they can possibly be? NO! We need to be kind to ourselves like we should be kind to the people around us, and you can gain so much inspiration by simply addressing any negativity that is being reinforced by thinking small. Change "I can't" to "what if" and "I will" - it doesn't matter if you say it out loud, tell yourself that these statements matter so much.

What other options are out there? What possibilities have you not thought of? I am clever enough to figure this out! Write these statements down and stick them on your mirror or wherever you will notice them if that's what it takes. The day you start passing over these reminders, it's time for new inspiration!

Take Action: Have a goal in mind? Count down from 3..2..1...get up and DO IT! Any action towards change, no matter how big or how small, can inspire creativity and keep you moving along a path of personal growth. Put an end to "eventually" or thinking that you'll do something later - you have to want to get out of a rut, and the best way to move on is by taking charge. 


Sometimes we get wrapped up in a job, pull all-nighters to pass an exam, or spend hours taking care of others - to the point where we go on autopilot and forget to take care of ourselves! SO STOP, breathe, and give yourself some love! It’s time to reward yourself for your hustle!

It’s important to feel mentally prepared when establishing new goals and habits, and even simple gestures of self care can make a world of difference when it comes to how you feel on a daily basis!

When was the last time you really pampered yourself? And I’m not talking about doing some grooming when it becomes super necessary! I’m talking hair mask, face mask, bubble bath, steam shower, whatever it is that helps you feel nice and glowy! Set aside a morning, day, or night out of your week to focus on “me time.” You might be surprised about how much you’ll end up looking forward to this brain vacation! And making time for yourself translates into making time for accomplishing tasks and goals. 

You don’t want to burn out! I want to share 5 tips to balance your busy life:

  1. Give Your Heart Love: When we take care of our heart, it’ll tell the brain to chill out! Recharge your batteries with something you love to do. Go for a walk in the fresh air, do a yoga session, or watch the sunset! Give yourself some time to get your heart rate up and the endorphins pumping! Stretch that body so it’s not motionless for long - because a body at rest, stays at rest!
  2. Give Your Body Love: Your body does so much for you - give it some credit! Do something that'll relax your body. My favorite is a bubble bath! Something about the warm water soaking my tired body. ALSO, a good massage never hurts! 
  3. Give Your Tummy Love: TREAT YO SELF! To me - “treating yourself” doesn’t mean fueling your body with fast food, potato chips or donuts! Your tummy is happy when you feed it nutritious food that gives it lasting energy. Of course, you can reward yourself with some chocolate! A couple of pieces of chocolate won’t stop results! Just be careful not to eat the whole bag!
  4. Give Your Environment Love: Most of the time, our energy mocks the atmosphere we're in! Our senses pick up on the small things - so we need to take care of them too. You can easily light some candles, dim the lighting, and play some of your favorite music. Try to focus the mind on being present to recharge your energy!
  5. Give Your Confidence Love: Celebrate your victories! You’ve been working hard - so reward yourself! Maybe you’ve reached your body goals and have a dinner party coming up, so buy a new outfit! Show off in something that makes you feel GREAT! You deserve it!


Results are 20% Fitness and 80% Nutrition and that is that! I will stick by this forever!! Here are a couple nutrition blogs for you to check out this month that will show your body all the love it needs to perform and get you the results you've been working for!

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Can Loving Yourself Get You Better Results?

When you take on challenges and leave your comfort zone, you automatically build the confidence in yourself to be able to do it again. Creating that belief and trust in yourself will carry you through life and help you crush every mental and physical challenge ahead of you. Practicing confidence in one area of your life will cause you feel more confident in other areas as well. Think of it as a ripple effect, you just have to start! 

Staying motivated and on track with your goals isn't easy and it does take work. And, do you know what is harder? Starting over! Keeping up your momentum and staying consistent is how you see results! Keeping your momentum strong is what can make or break your journey in living healthy lifestyle. Finding your momentum and making a commitment to keep propelling yourself forward and loving yourself along the way will get you to the results you've worked for!



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