Butt Lift Workout

Butt Lift Workout

Happy Sunday Ralphies! 💕 I hope you have had a wonderful time with your friends and family over the holidays! I surprised my parents with a trip to Las Vegas to see Michael Jackson - The ONE show by Cirque Du Soleil and it was one of the best experiences for us all to share! We certainly ate a few treats, indulge and didn't worry about eating healthy food for few days! I am so glad we have the new year series starting on January 1st though to get me back into the swing of things!

There is so much to look forward to in the new year & I have some exciting things coming that you are going to LOVE! 😊 It's a great time to get inspired and follow through with what we've been meaning to do for the past twelve months. Whether it's working towards fitness goals, a more positive attitude, healthier eating habits - whatever you have in mind - I'm here to support & encourage you along the way! 🙌🏼

Our New Year Body Bootcamp is about to begin, and I want to see your transformation! I love this series because it's a challenge which brings us together as a community and makes us feel good in so many ways ❤️ 


AND we're going to finish December with an ALL NEW Butt Lift workout! 🍑 Follow along with the exercises in my latest video to tone & shape those glutes for your best booty ever 🔥 


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