Butt & Cardio Workout

Butt & Cardio Workout

I'm over in North Carolina right now with my Team Fearless crew and we've been getting amazing training in nutrition and health 🌱 we also get to enjoy fun celebrations with each other like the masquerade party last night, check out the picture of us below! 🎭 

We're super excited because our team is expanding, so if you're interested in having a part-time job as a coach and join our team (no experience necessary) then send me a DM @RebeccaLouiseNutrition 💪🏼 

Let's burn fat and build that booty with my latest Butt & Cardio Workout!! 🏃‍♀️ We're going to keep that heart rate up and build muscle at the same time 🍑
Start your week feeling amazing with me! ⚡️  

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Your BURN 30 Day Get Fit program is getting a makeover 😱 Check out all these awesome features:

  • Daily meal plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes! 🥑 
  • 28 minute full-length workouts each day 💪🏼 
  • Motivation every day ✨ 
  • Education articles for all your fitness-related questions 📚 
  • Gamification coming soon! ⚡️ 

My BURN by Rebecca app for IOS or Android will be available SO SOON (!), and desktop is available NOW! Start your free trial HERE!

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