Bust Boost Workout

Bust Boost Workout

I can finally share the big news! It's almost time for your NEW amped up BURN 30 Day Get Fit program 😱 I'm SO EXCITED!! Check out all these awesome features:

  • Daily meal plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes! 🥑 
  • 28 minute full-length workouts each day 💪🏼 
  • Motivation every day ✨ 
  • Education articles for all your fitness-related questions 📚 
  • Gamification coming soon! ⚡ 

AND the calendar still tracks your progress every day - we're not waiting until the year is over to start making resolutions and crushing those body goals!

Make sure to download BURN by Rebecca for IOS or Android and get ready to feel amazing with me 🔥 You can also learn more and sign up via desktop HERE!

I've been hiking a lot this week in Iceland and Norway so it's time for some upper body toning 💥 My new BUST BOOST workout is perfect for lifting & strengthening the chest muscles 👙 and we're going to do some moves for the back, shoulders, and a bit of abs too! 

Check out the video HERE & subscribe to my channel for new video notifications!



Our October BURN 30 Day Get Fit calendar has arrived!!! 🗓 You don't want to miss this month's NEW workout playlists, meal prep recipes, and motivation! 🙌🏼 I can't wait to see all those calendar days completed & ticked off ✔ Start your FREE trial now!

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