BURN Workout!

BURN Workout!

Made it to Raleigh, North Carolina to see my brother. I wasn't sure if I would make it with the hurricane, it changed to a tropical storm thankfully so I was able to fly. ☔ My second flight was delayed and I was a little worried about the landing because of the rain and turbulence! We came in smooth to the runway and I was glad when we touched down safely.

And the reason I'm here?! After the success of the weekly fit camp in Huntington Beach we are now setting one up in North Carolina! 💪🏻 We are working together to help communities get healthy, work with people in person and make a difference in the world 🌎 Look out for details on my Instagram @rebeccalouisenutrition

Sending our love to everyone effected by weather all over the world this weekend. Stay safe and no need to leave your house to get your workout in when you have today's just released! 😘 

We're going to get head-to-toe toned with my latest BURN workout 🔥 Slow, controlled movements will have you feeling every muscle and engaging areas of the body which need some good exercising! 🙌🏼 

Check out the new video HERE & drop a comment letting me know your new favorite move! 



Leave the planning up to me! My BURN 30 Day Get Fit calendar has 6 days a week of full workout playlists which are designed to get you results 💪🏼 AND you have access to an exclusive library containing ALL of my workouts organized by area of the body you want to tone up ⚡

New recipes every Sunday are perfect for meal prep to keep you on track with great nutrition all week! 🌱 Start your FREE trial now!


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