BURN by Rebecca Louise is BACK!

BURN by Rebecca Louise is BACK!

It's time for a big change & time to feel the BURN...

We came so far as BTES, and I felt like there was more I wanted to give! I wanted to give you better content, a better journey, and most importantly, a better experience. That’s why we’re taking it back to our roots, back to what’s really important…

Challenges. Workouts. Nutrition. Coaching. Motivation. 

No distractions or complications, so you can focus on what really matters. And to give you that better, smoother experience, we needed a brand new app, and a new identity. So that’s why, we’re becoming BURN by Rebecca Louise, and our new app is launching very, very soon.



It’s time to turn up the heat… get ready to FEEL THE BURN! Add your email into this link to become a VIP get 30% off the new app!


PS. Current BTES members you have a special extra discount bigger coming. Stay tuned and keep a look out!

This has been 4 years in the making to get to this point where we have an app that I am so excited and proud to share with you. I wanted to give you better content, a better journey, and most importantly, a better experience. Massive Thank You to all the incredible BTES members who have been just amazing with their support. 

What People Are Asking..

Will this be a whole new app to download? Yes! To make an app as smooth as possible, we decided to start again. Over the last 3 years we have had over 5 different app developers work on it, which messes up the code and no one knows what's what! This was it's much better for you!

Will it be the same monthly price? With your early sign up discount its going to be even cheaper than the current version! Sign up here for 30% off the NEW BURN App

Will my points be saved? Yes! You will not lose your points. Please email in customerservice@rebecca-louise.com to get your personal coupon code to use! The new app will have a different rewards system in the future that's way better and easier to use! 

What if you're a BTES subscriber? You will get your own unique discount code to use to get 50% off the new app. The BTES App will still be available in July until everyone transfers over.

Will the same recipes still be available to search? Yes! They will be easier to find and search too!

How is it different than the BTES App? If I have the old app, what do I need to do? Smoother, easier to use, focused on our monthly challenges, the extra fluff taken out, better quality. Once the new app is out (next week!) you can sign up with your discount code and cancel the old subscription. 

Will the new app still have the monthly calendar workouts? Yes absolutely! It's super easy to know what the challenge is, where to get the guide and how to follow it with this new app!

What do you love most about the new app? It's so easy to use! Focused on what's important to help you get results. An amazing tam who has built it. New epic challenges now easier to find every month!

How soon is soon!? I can't wait! In time for all of us to start the July Challenge inside the new app!

More questions? Join this LIVE to feel the BURN and find out more about the New App.

Click here for the BURN Support Center to read more FAQs and any other questions you may have! What are you waiting for??? Get your 30% off of BURN by Rebecca Louise today!




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August 03, 2022

I am
A current subscriber and I have forgotten to use the link to sign up for the new app. Do I have to cancel my subscription now and sign up neely for the new app? I dont understand why this is not done automatically for current subscribers.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Kind regards Brenda