Build Rock Hard Abs Workout

Build Rock Hard Abs Workout

You will feel the BURN after this! Ready to BUILD those Epic ABS? Add this HARD ROCK ABS WORKOUT to your daily routine and do for 30days to achieve incredible results! Grab your new BTES tropical collection ANKLE WEIGHTS! We only have a few of these left! Want that extra motivation and longer daily workouts? Download the BTES APP for FREE and become a VIP!

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Total-Body Benefits of the Build Rock Hard Abs Workout

Ankle Weights : Ankle weights are one of the most essential tools in creating toned, lean legs and a lifted butt. The added weight allows the muscles to activate and work. They will help you gain a strong lower half and a stable centre, Simply by adding ankle weights, you will gain a strong lower half and a stable centre. Your heart rate will increase even more, ankle weights have been shown to help increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat percentage. Ankle weights crank up the intensity on your workout and this will get your metabolism working in overdrive. With the advantages of stronger legs, a stable core and a boost in endurance, you’ll also gain the ability to walk and run with ease! The benefits of using Ankle Weights are amazing!

  • Your legs & booty will strengthen
  • The intensity of your workout will increase
  • You will build greater muscle strength and endurance
  • Walking & Running will feel easier
  • Your Metabolism will be boosted

Stacked Workouts : Exercise stacking refers to ordering your workouts in such a way that each movement supports off the one it follows. When you do exercises back-to-back in a little circuit and then you take a break at the end of the circuit before repeating, usually for two to three times through, you are building up your resilience as well as increasing challenge in your workout each time. During a stacked workout you perform the first exercise in the set for 30 second and then rest. Then you add the second exercise, so that you're completing both moves back to back. By stacking the exercises that way it allows for maximum results in terms of muscle sculpting and fat loss without having to lift super-heavy weights or doing lots of extra cardio. The gradual repetition is a really great benefit and enables you to become more confident with each move.

Abs Strengthening : Everything you do; walk, bend, sit, stand, reach, and lift, involves your abs and back so by having a workout routine and focussing on your body correctly can only be of benefit! We may not always be able to control how our abs look, but we can control how strong they are. Six-pack abs look good, but strong abs can make you feel good. Focusing on strong abs with a variety of exercises can not only give your body more support for daily activities, but it can also free you from that elusive goal of getting flat abs. What a relief to let go of something that's caused nothing but angst and frustration.

ABS exercises alone won't give you flat six-pack abs but they can help to make your core stronger. So combining exercise with great nutrition will help you get those results you want! 

Abs are made in the kitchen so maximise your results!

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Build Rock Hard Abs Workout - What are we doing in today's workout?!

Dead Bug Leg & Arm Extension : Wrap your ankle weights tightly around your ankles. You will be doing 45 seconds exercise and 15 seconds rest! Go all the way down on your back and extend your legs out in front of you. Push your hands onto your knees and then take out one movement on the mat at a time. Bend your knees, pull your belly button in and warm up gently. Push one leg out and pull your arm back, bringing it in and pushing it onto your knee. Tuck your hips in and keep your back firmly on the ground. Keep building that healthy habit of doing your exercises every day and you will get great results!

Keep pushing and keep showing up!

Single Arm Press Up L & R Crunches : This next exercise you will still need the weights firmly on your ankles, but you need to add another 5 lb weight in your hands! Make a nice Sit Up Position and then take your body into a crunch. Move up and down and keep making a crunch as you lie back, going all the way down. Bring your bent in knees slightly and keep moving up and down and all the way up. Pull your belly button in tight. Swap to the other hand and do the same again. This needs to be a gentle, small crunch and not a full sit up! Position your legs slightly out to the side. drop your shoulders down and lift your arms up through your chest. This is an Intense workout today! To make it even more challenging you can add in heavier weights!

Russian Twists Figure 8's x2 : Get yourself into a full sit up position. Take your body into a fun Russian Twist and create a figure of 8, holding one weight tightly in both hands! Swoop down and take it to the side, swing your arms with the weight and keep making that figure of 8 position!

Double Leg Drops Knee to Chest : Extend your legs up to the sky and drop them down as low as you can. Lie on your back, knees to chest and then lift up your legs. Take your legs down together as far as you can and then bring your knees back into your chest. Shoot your legs out high to the sky! Inhale through your nose and exhale out. Drop your legs down a bit more each time.

Ask yourself - 'How can I push my body a bit more to get that belief and great results?'

Heels Up : Keep your ankle weights on, lie on your back and flex your heels. Lift your legs up to the sky, keeping your heels and feet together. Push your legs back and keep pushing your feet and heels as strong as you can, Push your heels up to the sky, keeping your upper body firmly on the ground.

Your Abs will be on Fire! results are the name of the game!

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