Build Booty & Tone Thighs Workout

Build Booty & Tone Thighs Workout

Get ready for some EXCITING BRAND NEW MOVES in this BUILD BOOTY, BURN FAT & TONE THIGH Workout at home. This workout will help you target your Glutes and Thigh Muscles giving you a Perkier Butt and Toned LegsJoin Our Free Monthly Challenges

Total-Body Benefits of Build Butt & Tone Thighs Workout

Loving Your Body :  Learning to love your body when you really don't is no easy task and it's not as simple as the body positivity movement can sometimes make it seem. Going from "I hate my body" to something more positive will take time and a conscious effort. The first step to changing how you feel about your body is committing to the change. You need to acknowledge that you want to have a positive relationship with your body and a healthy one. Tell yourself - 'I want to have a positive relationship with my body'.

Before you can learn to love your body, you need to relinquish the idea that you wouldn't feel sad, lonely or rejected if you looked different. Human life involves beauty and suffering for everyone. The more you can really internalize this idea, the less attached you will be to meeting certain conventional beauty norms because you will understand that they will never deliver what you want. Peace and happiness have to come from inside.

Instead of continuing to try to fit into a system that puts you against your own body, what if you adopted a new way of thinking that designates you as valuable exactly the way you are? What if you stopped trying to appease others at your own expense? Try repeating this to yourself - 'I deserve to be loved and accepted in my exact body. I will no longer entertain people or messages that tell me otherwise'. You deserve to be loved and accepted in your own body and so does everyone else!

Make it a habit to do something good for your body every day. Maybe that's setting aside a few minutes to just give yourself a hand massage. Maybe it's putting on your softest, fuzziest pair of socks to wear around the house. Maybe it's doing a refreshing face mask or putting on a full face of makeup for no reason other than it makes you feel good. This is all about training your brain to associate your body with positive feelings. Make it a habit to shower your body with love and it'll start to feel natural and instinctual over time.

Our bodies carry us through our days with so much strength and grace. Our bodies are also capable of infinite amounts of pleasure! If we can be grateful for all the things our bodies do for us, that can help us see them in a different light.

Exercise is a natural way to increase energy, reduce stress, and keep our bodies healthy. When we look at exercise as a weight loss or body-shaping tool, we turn something that's nourishing into something that's hurtful and even hateful toward our body.

Exercise as a way to love your body, not as a way to change or fight it.

Great Co-ordination : Good coordination is at the heart of so much of what we do. By improving sand working on our own coordination through regular and daily exercise we can benefit in ways that go beyond the purely physical. Exercises that require coordination can help to make you smarter and give you better self-control.

We can help you with this on the 5 Day Better You Program

Build Butt & Tone Thighs Workout! What are we doing in today's workout?!

Squat Knee High Kick : Take your body down into a squat position and tap your knee. Then take your leg down to your elbow and opposite leg to opposite arm. Go down on one leg and take your arms to the other side, squeezing those glutes all the time! Extend your other leg out and squat down, taking your knee in towards your chest. Do one side and then change to the other side. Have gratitude for your body and every single move!

Lunge Left Front Foot : Start with your right leg and lift your front leg up. Push down into the front leg as your rock back on your back leg. Pull your core in tight and have your hips facing towards the front of your mat. Squeeze those glutes in nice and tight. This is a great core workout! Breathe through the routine and keep on going! Move forward into a lunge position and then back out to the other foot. Change and do the same on the other side. Keep the momentum going and Change Your Mindset! Look after your body and give it lots of love!

Side Lunge to Curtsey : If you want challenge add weights to this exercise! Take a lunge to the side and back into a Curtsey Lunge. Sink down lower each time. Keep your chest lifted and push your booty out to the side. Use your hands and keep going. Get into a habit of appreciating the gratitude for what you have. Take your body over to the other side and repeat 3, 2 ,1! As you Curtsey Lunge, tap together and push your knees back down again. Every part of your body is so important, so try and do these exercises every day!

High Plank Frog to Squat Jump : Get into a High Plank position and then a Frog Jump and jump up! This is a great Cardio exercise and is amazing for getting those glute results! Go back and keep the movement going with that jump. Lift up, take your body down and Do Not Quit! Health is the most important gift you have and it is essential to be both Happy and Healthy!

Be grateful for where you are at as the journey is the fun part!

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If you want to do even more work on your Butt and Thighs then try this one too - The Ultimate Abs, Butt and Thigh Workout! This workout COMBO is everything you need for getting results and staying motivated all the way through. Get ready to strengthen your ABS & LOWER BODY with these exercise moves.

Abs, Butt, and Thighs are 3 frequently requested muscle groups to strengthen and tone. You can hit all three of these target areas in this 10-Minute Abs, Butt & Thighs Workout, great for all fitness levels!  These exercises require minimal equipment and are great working out at home without access to a gym. You can do this without weights but using weights significantly increase the difficulty of this butt and thigh workout.

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