Booty Sculpt Workout

Booty Sculpt Workout

This past weekend I made a quick trip up to the redwoods and camped for 24 hours with Cory + his family 🌲 It's a Freeman family tradition and everyone was enjoying the fresh air & beautiful scenery ⛺ It was a brief stay on my end but even just a little dose of nature had me feeling inspired and refreshed for my yoga teacher training tests! 

I'm really excited to announce my WEEKLY Fit Camps which are going to be held every Tuesday (@ 7:30 pm) and Friday (@ 9:00 am) in Huntington Beach, California 👏🏼  Attendance is $5 per session and all abilities are welcome, just bring a workout mat and water! Check out my Instagram post for more details!

We're going to tone up your booty with exercises that activate the entire glute area - this routine is perfect for targeting muscles that give you a perky bum! Watch the full video HERE!

Leave the planning up to me! My 30 Day Get Fit calendar has 6 days a week of full workout playlists which are designed to get you results 💪🏼 AND you have access to an exclusive library containing ALL of my workouts organized by area of the body you want to tone up ⚡ New recipes every Sunday are perfect for meal prep to keep you on track with great nutrition all week! 🌱 Start your BURN 7 day FREE trial now!


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