BOOTCAMP: Legs & Glutes at Kuramathi

BOOTCAMP: Legs & Glutes at Kuramathi

Kuramathi Maldives is a private space with gorgeous surroundings and an inviting atmosphere - the staff was very accommodating so Cory and I felt really welcomed from the moment we arrived. Guest villas range from garden locations to rooms that sit right over the water and feel completely exclusive. There is a lot of the island which has not been developed, making for great walks along the gorgeous beaches.

The resort is really expansive and situated on a large island, and there was lots of room for us to explore the property. There is a Nature Trail walk through the rainforest where you can see different kinds of interesting tropical plants, or there are plenty of activities like water sports or excursions to go on for those who want to fish, snorkel, island hop, or other exciting adventures! 

Dining variety is a great factor for those who like to have choices when it comes to mealtime. Kuramathi has a coffee shop, champagne loft, several bars for communal lounging, and plenty of restaurant options - there is a wide variety of different cuisines with different buffet options to choose from which keeps the food exciting. There is also lots of entertainment to choose from, like live music and movie nights! The all-inclusive packages are a unique feature when visiting the Maldives, and even the basic package provides everything you would need to have a fantastic stay. 

I filmed the latest video in our New Year Body BOOTCAMP series at this location and absolutely loved the gorgeous backdrop of clear turquoise water. Have you done this intense legs and glutes workout yet?? Leave a comment on my Youtube video and let me know your new favorite move! You can also get the FULL LENGTH version on our BURN daily fitness calendar!



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