Blast Back Fat Rolls & Arms Workout

Blast Back Fat Rolls & Arms Workout

Time to feel that BURN and BLAST that Back and Arm FAT with this quick BLAST BACK FAT ROLLS & ARMS Workout! Do this everyday for 30days to start seeing results! Want that extra motivation and longer daily workouts? Download the BTES APP for FREE and become a VIP! Join our free monthly challenges and get help with your nutrition too!

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Total-Body Benefits of the Blast Back Fat Rolls & Arms Workout

Upper Body Work : A strong upper body can have a ripple effect through the rest of your workout and physical activities by improving coordination, developing stronger arms and decreasing injury risks. A strong posterior has many benefits, including the aesthetic results and your upper body shouldn't be neglected as part of a balanced exercise programme.

Having well-defined arms and shoulders is a bonus!

Upper Body Work can improve your posture, strengthen the muscles in your back which encourages you to hold your shoulders back. It also improves your core strength, forcing the body to sit up tall. Improving your upper-body strength can also help your ability in other workouts. Another great side effect of strength training is it's metabolism-boosting power. 

Even more important is that Upper Body Work can be incredibly rewarding as reaching a new fitness goal feels good physically and mentally! Everyday tasks become easier, as a result of being stronger at life's daily tasks, and a transformation of your body, you may find that your confidence starts to improve, too. This can greatly enhance your relationships and is key to your Self Care!

Toned Muscles : Many low-impact standing weight exercises help tone muscles and strengthen bones, improve posture, reduce the risk of osteoporosis and reduce tension on the spine. Muscle toning exercises, especially when combined with heart and strength exercises, can help improve mental health.  These exercises help to maintain posture and will support and improve your sleep. Toning your muscles reduces fat and body weight. A toned body provides more strength, energy, flexibility and can decrease the risk of developing certain diseases..

5 Benefits of Good Muscle Tone

  • Increases your ability to do activities like opening doors or lifting boxes without getting tired
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Helps you keep a healthy body weight
  • Leads to healthier, stronger muscles and bones
  • Improves confidence and how you feel about yourself
  • Gives you a sense of accomplishment

Self - Care : Self-care is all about improving yourself, having more energy and being more satisfied with the events happening in and around us. Self-care involves a daily routine to achieve these goals by implementing and taking responsibility for your own self-care, it can lead to a better well-being and happiness within oneself. It is so important to reflect and think about 'How you Talk to You?'

Exercising regularly can help you become more focused and present with your partner, children, family and friends but especially with yourself. It improves your mood, it can increase your self-confidence, helps you relax, and it can lower symptoms of mild depression or anxiety. Exercise can also improve your sleep, which is often disrupted by stress, depression or anxiety.

All of these exercise benefits can ease your stress levels and give you a sense of command over your body and your life.

Results Take Time! Make these workouts a part of your everyday routine!

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Blast Back Fat Rolls & Arms Workout - What are we doing in today's workout?!

Around the World Pulses Get into a standing position, grab those weights and gently pulse at the top towards the sky and pulse down as you bring your arms down towards your hips. Take the weights up high over your head and pulse, bring them down and pulse again! Keep going all the way up to the top and all the way down again. Use your back to lift up your arms and keep lifting up and down. Keep doing this up and down and then 5 4 3 2 1 gently release!

Your back will feel on fire!

Front Elbow Rows : You can use weights or a long resistance band for this exercise. Put the band underneath both feet and hold in both hands. Take the band up and lift up through your chest, holding your glutes in tight! Keep bringing your arms up and down in a slow and controlled way. You can make this exercise more challenging by using a heavier resistance band, as this will add extra resistance to your workout! Squeeze your elbows in and lift up holding your core in tight. Try and bring the band down to your belly button and then stand up nice and tall. Use your back to lift up your elbows and then relax all the way down!

Overhead Tricep Pulses x 2 : Use a hand weight or you can use an ankle weight which is actually easier to grip for this exercise! Hold the weight above your head, bring it over your head and take it down your back and pulse. Tiny pulses in a great rhythm are best! Bend your knees slightly and do not arch your back! Keep pushing with the weight behind your head, gently and slowly. With your core engaged keep moving up and down making those tiny pulses with your elbows. You should really be able to feel those abs working!

Kneeling Arrow Press Up L & R : Grab two weights and go down onto the ground. Pull your core in tight, bend one knee into a 90 degree position and the other knee bent on the mat behind your body. Push your weights up to the sky, keep your elbows bent and then straighten your body as you go up. Keep your core in nice and tight and steady throughout this exercise. Remember to keep pushing and keep working those arms.

Kneeling V Raises : Kneel on the mat holding two weights in the palms of your hands. Pull your arms out in front of you and bring them up and down. Keep your feet on the mat and work your core, really extending those arms out and squeezing your glutes nice and tight! Push down and extend your arms up nice and high. Feel those weights and your arms will be burning!

Give yourself a smile, breathe through the motion, you are making this happen!

Across Body Bicep Curl : With two weights in your hands kneel on the mat and take your arms up to make those overhead presses. Bring one weight at a time across your body and tap your shoulder with the weight as you move your arm across your body. Keep moving your body and you will find this exercise is a real game changer! 

Love yourself enough to give a bit more each time!

Give this 10 minute workout routine or get the full 30 minute workout on the BTES App!  

Want more, want that extra motivation and longer daily workouts? Then have a go at the Feel Confident Sexy Back Hiit Workout! Add this work out to your daily routine for the next 30days to achieve incredible results! It will also level up your Confidence and Tone that Upper Body!

Leave your comments below, let me know what workouts you want to see next!




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