We are going to get a total tone with some graceful moves that'll work the upper and lower body. Give yourself 10 minutes to wake up the muscles and get them working! I am so thrilled to give you a workout that will get all of the major muscle groups pumping! So many of you have given me a variety of workouts that you want to see, and it is my pleasure to work hard to get them to you! Hopefully this one shot in Cozumel will be a winner!

When we're doing each movement, be sure to make the most of it! If you go blindly through the exercises, you can't expect to get very far! You've got 10 minutes, so give it everything you've got! When we're doing the upper body moves, keep your core tight and engaged, and hold your arms nice and strong so that they are actively working, not just hanging like noodle arms!

You also want to squeeze your glutes tightly so that the butt muscles are getting a good burn. This workout might even help with your flexibility, as I've incorporated some motions that are present in my yoga workouts! Be sure to give one of those videos a go after this one so that you can adequately stretch out and avoid injury and soreness!

It's always such a pleasure working out with you and bringing you videos from my travels! 2017 is gearing up to be so exciting, and I can't wait to get to Ecuador and hold a Fit Camp in Guayaquil! Check out the details on my Facebook page and if you can make it, meet me there!


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