Bikini Butt is going to challenge the glutes and get them screaming for mercy! We are going to spend this workout lying down on the mat, but that doesn't mean that we won't be working hard! We have got bridge raises, leg lifts, and fire hydrants to get the butt working overtime. Join me for these next ten minutes, and let's have 100% attitude. Remember, results are 20% exercise, 80% nutrition!

We have only got 10 minutes, but that is definitely enough time to get a good burn going! I am going to keep you working the entire time so that you make the most of your workouts! There is no excuse not to go at it at full speed today! Even if you only have a few minutes in the morning, you can fit this video in. You can do it virtually anywhere, you never regret doing a workout; just the workout you never do!

You might not think that a 10-minute workout done lying on a mat would be effective, but my glutes are BURNING! The trick is to keep your glutes tight and make sure that you're using that muscle to lift your leg. Otherwise you're going to be just doing the exercises without really getting a good workout in! Now is the time to feed the muscles so that they grow and look their best!


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