Bikini Arms is going to set those bingo wings on fire! Just give yourself 10 minutes and get ready to seriously feel the burn! Yes, I've included those ultra-fun arm circles that you all love, but this time with a twist! I think you're going to be surprised at how tough this upper body workout is to get through! I know after 10 minutes you will be tingling! Can you hang in there until the very end? Of course you can!!

If you're wondering where I am in this workout, it is the beautiful Mexico! Now you don't have to go to a tropical island or foreign country to be inspired. I am here to give you a daily dose of inspiration and encouragement! Be sure to comment below and tell me what else you'd like to see from me and Sir Alphie! We want to bring more topics and videos to you, so we're all ears!

Remember that you want to stay hydrated and optimize your workout. People ask me when the best time is to work out, or which exercises they should do. Well, this all depends on your goals! Are you most likely to work out in the morning? Then do it! Night owl? Work out at night! Are you trying to tone up the abs? Then put on my ab videos! No matter what your goal is, the right nutrition is going to get you all the way there!

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