Beautiful Body Pilates Workout

Beautiful Body Pilates Workout

Where are my PILATES Lovers?! This one is going to be your new Favourite! Get a SEXY and FIRM body with this BEAUTIFUL BODY PILATES STRENGTH TRAINING WORKOUT¬†routine! ūüĒ•Trying to find what workouts to do everyday? Join the BTES Community!

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Total-Body Benefits of Beautiful Body Pilates Workout

Pilates Style Movements : Pilates is so effective and powerful, that when done properly it can make your entire body stronger and more flexible in no time at all. Aside from strength and flexibility, Pilates can assist with everything from improved posture to better breathing, greater mood, noticeable weight loss and tone. Pilates is a low-impact workout effective at strengthening, lengthening and toning your muscles through controlled, repetitive movements. There are many advantages to incorporating Pilates into your workout routine from increased strength to improved  posture. Pilates will also improve your flexibility, give you a solid and stronger core, ease your aches and pains and will count as cardio!

Self - Care :¬†Self-care¬†includes all the things you do to take¬†care¬†of your well-being in¬†four¬†key dimensions ‚Äď your emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health.¬†It is also about¬†improving¬†yourself, having more energy and being more satisfied with the events happening in and around us. Self-care involves a daily routine to achieve¬†our goals¬†by implementing¬†all of the¬†core methods of self-care. When used together, this daily self-care routine can lead to a better well-being and happiness within oneself. One of these core components to taking care of ourselves is exercise. We all know that exercise is not just beneficial physically, but also mentally.¬†Studies show that consistent¬†exercise¬†is linked to increased productivity and mental focus. This means that¬†exercising¬†regularly can help you become more focused and present with your partner, children and with yourself. Letting go of¬†self-inflicted guilt is an¬†important¬†part of building¬†self-care¬†through¬†exercise. All exercise¬†strengthens your heart and improves your circulation and the increased blood flow raises the oxygen levels in¬†your body. This helps lower your risk of heart diseases such as high cholesterol, coronary artery disease and heart attack. Regular¬†exercise can¬†also lower your blood pressure. .As a general goal, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every¬†day. If¬†you¬†want to lose weight, maintain weight loss or meet specific fitness goals,¬†you¬†may need to exercise more.

To enhance your physical self care along with daily exercise try to ...

  • Develop a regular sleep routine
  • Have¬†a healthy diet
  • Take lunch breaks
  • Go for a walk at lunchtime
  • Take your dog for a walk after work

Maintaining a Healthy Routine :¬†This really helps us cope with change, create healthy¬†habits, improve interpersonal relationships and can reduce stress. Daily routines¬†have far-reaching mental health¬†benefits for all sorts of needs and it really can¬† help us manage those times in our lives when our mental health seems to be taking a dip.¬†Having a routine can help us to cultivate positive daily habits and to prioritise¬†our own self care and meet our needs, that will then also help benefit those around us - our family, friends and colleagues. Organising our time gives¬†us the opportunity to build in blocks of time for things that are important to us. This can allow us to build in daily habits that help us with our mental health. It could include things like time to relax, a regular bedtime as well as that all important¬†exercise! When this is all part of our routine, it can make it easier to keep up with everything because we have the time¬†and it all just becomes¬†our ‚Äėnew normal‚Äô! We are better able to manage our¬†stress levels and have more time to relax. Our anxiety decreases and we feel refreshed. Better health is a result of just a little extra planning. this good example setting will encourage others to try a¬†routine¬†as well. Be that Role Model!

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Beautiful Body Pilates Workout - What are we doing in today's workout?!

C - Curve Hold : The C - Curve is a movement of the spine that strengthens the deep abdominals while stretching the muscles of the back. The C - Curve is a basic movement in Pilates that is used in many different exercises. The classic C - Curve is always initiated by the abdominals and will work those abs! Sit with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Start with a tall straight spine and draw your abdominals in and up. The top of your head is reaching for the sky and your shoulders are relaxed. Push your heels into the ground and lie slightly back. Take your body into a C- Curve shape and put your arms up into the air. Move your arms up and down and keep leaning back with your shoulders down. Work hard to tone and pull your core in tight. Take a few deep breaths to feel what is happening in your abdominals. As you inhale the breath will lightly expand your abdominal wall and then gently exhale out.

    Full Sit Up Single Leg : Lie down on your back with one leg up in the air. Keep our arms out in front and pull your core in tight. Tuck your hips in underneath your body and pull your belly button in towards your spine. Push into your foot and lift your arms up and down, working on one leg at a time. Use your core to strengthen your body. Relax, push forward and release! Do this in a slow, smooth and controlled way to really accentuate the movements. Keep your other leg straight. Then switch to work on the opposite leg.

    Front Lunge to Leg Extension : Go down onto the ground and gently lunge forward. One leg should be stepped wide to the front with one knee bent forward in a lunge position. Bend into the lunge with your knee directly over your ankle and your back leg extended straight, pressing through the lifted heel. Lower your hands to the mat, framing your front foot. Push into your front leg and lift your chest up high. Squeeze those glutes, push down into your hands and then lift your leg extending it up to the sky. Keep the balance in your core. To add challenge, you can add ankle weights or resistance bands.

    Mermaid Kicks : Face forward and move onto your knees. Bring one knee in towards your chest and then move it out to the side. Squeeze and lift up, pulling your core in tight. Extend all the way through and maintain a good position. Pick up a weight and hold in one hand tightly into your hip. Take to the other side and keep your knee in line with your hand. Bring your knee in and out and keep repeating this action. Tell yourself 'We are Confident' and this is our 'Me Time'!

    Hydrants with Arm Lift : Go down onto the ground and make a fire hydrant position out to one side. Extend your arm out to the opposite side. If you want that challenge add a weight! Keep both hips facing the ground. Inhale through your nose and exhale out. Lift your leg up high and keep your arm out to the side. To challenge your core, lift one hand while you do fire hydrants. This move is great for posture and back strength because it helps stabilize the spine. Gently release and relax. Then take it to the other side, making a fire hydrant out to one side and with a weight in your hand on the other side. Add heavier weights if you want more challenge, as well as adding a weight under your knee.

    Tangled Sunflower : Keeping the same position as you had for the Fire Hydrants with Arm Lifts, place your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Add ankle weights and extend your leg over to the back and cross over the knee. Extend out so you can really feel those glutes working. Push down into your hands and take your leg across, pointing your toes out to the side. Take your knees across your body and point your toes out. Repeat and relax!

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