I can't believe that the Beach Body series is almost over! We just have one more workout to go. If you loved this series as much as I did, think about joining me in Summer 2017 for a retreat in that very location in Nicaragua!

Let's finish strong with the Arms & Shoulders workout. This one is really going to help to round out the Beach Body series with killer upper body moves. If you have a set of weights, then great! If not, just fill up some water bottles with sand or stones. I was traveling during this workout video, so I just filled up some water bottles and it worked really well!

I know that working the upper body can be a real challenge, but remember that when you feel the tingle and burn, it means that the moves are working! If it doesn't challenge you then it's not going to change you, so I encourage you to push past the burn and keep going! I'm right here with you! This final Beach Body workout is going to help you with the back muscles and bingo wings with some awesome movements that will have you using a wide range of motion. The biceps and triceps will be all tingly, and we'll even do some ab work for those of you who love lower body workouts!

YES! You guy did it! Now I want you to stick with it, because you need to be consistent if you really want to get a beach body. Keep in mind that I have an entire video library for you, as well as loads of motivating vlogs and blog posts to keep you going all the way! Keep in touch and please comment below to tell me what else you'd like to see from me. Remember that the Beach Body series is available for download so that you can move along with me - no Internet required!


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