Barre Definition

Barre Definition

Bodyweight Barre Sculpt Workout

This Workout will help you get toned and defined muscles. The best barre sculpting exercises for results for full body definition.

The workout will consist of:

  • Wide Slow Plie
  • Single Heel Raises L+R
  • Narrow Squat & Curl to Front Leg Lift L+R
  • 1st to 2nd Arms
  • Plie to Heel Raise 1st Position
  • Wide Back Row & Lift Leg Back L+R
  • Curtsey Lunge & Fly
  • Lunge & Front Raise to Front Kick L+R
  • Plank Leg Lifts Alternating
  • Straight Leg Pulls
  • 1st Position Kick Out
  • Lunge Lift Heels L+R
  • Arms to 5th Position
  • Arabesque Side Leg Lifts L+R
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • Tricep Pulses

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Get the full 28 minute version here!

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