Back of Thighs Shape Up - Hamstrings Workout

Back of Thighs Shape Up - Hamstrings Workout

This one is definitely going to BURN ! Get ready to target those hamstrings muscles with the 35 Min BACK OF THIGHS SCULPT - HAMSTRINGS Workout! Let me know in the comments if you prefer longer or shorter workouts!

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Total-Body Benefits of Back of Thighs Shape Up Sculpt Workout

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Exercising also boosts oxygen circulation inside your body. This increase in oxygen not only supports the mitochondria's energy production, it also allows your body to function better and to use its energy more efficiently. Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and will boost your endurance. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. When your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle daily chores.

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  • Find an Inspiring Quote
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  • Do deep breathing exercise for a few minutes
  • Meditate
  • Go for a walk, jog or stroll outside¬†
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Back of Thighs Shape Up Sculpt Workout - What are we doing in today's workout?!

Deadlifts : Stand feet and hips distanced apart.  Use two weights and push your feet into the floor, stand up tall, pulling the weight with you and keeping your arms straight. Bring your hips forward and squeeze your abs and glutes at the top. Drop down and squeeze those glutes in tight, shaping the back of your legs. Push down to the ground and squeeze your hips in tight, lifting up through your chest. Hydrate, breathe and stretch!

Wide Deadlifts L & R : Bring your legs with one foot in front of the other and resting on the back heel with your leg slightly bent. Stand with your weights in front of your feet and your feet hip-width apart. Keep your front leg straight and inhale/exhale as you move down. Bend slowly with the 2 weights firmly in your hands and push forward keeping one leg back. Move your body halfway down.  Keep your chest lifted, spine elongated, shoulders pressing down and abdominals engaged. Activate your abs constantly throughout the deadlift to protect your lower back. Pull your core in tight with every rep as you go halfway down. Change and do the same on the other leg.

Arabesque Leg Lifts L & R x2 : This is a great exercise for glute activation as well as being a great hamstring exercise. Hold one weight in both hands and pull your core in tight. Stand and balance on one leg and hold your weight in a secure position. Take the other leg out to the back and move up and down. Squeeze your glutes and lift up through your chest holding your weight steady in one hand and leaning forwards. Position your weight slightly forward with your hand on your hip and imagine you’re going to do a plié. Turn out your leg and lean forward slightly. Adjust your spine so the front of the supporting leg and your spine are all aligned. Allow your hips to tilt ever so slightly forward, adding a little pressure to your back. Continue the plié even further, whilst keeping your foot in the air. Ensure the alignment of your spine to create a lengthened line. When you reach the bottom of the plié, start to work the spine up and forward. Change and repeat on the other side.

Wide Deadlift Heels Lifted : Raise your heels at the top and keep your legs apart, tucking your hips in under. With two weights stretch your hamstrings, tucking your hips in and feel the stretch! Come down with the weights with your booty back, bring up and lift up high on your toes. Squeeze your glutes in tight and keep the tension in your front leg. Move halfway down and move back up slowly and steadily. Make sure the last few reps are challenging and that you can feel the tension in your hamstrings. Change to the other leg and repeat. . 

Bridge Up & Down Walkout & In : This exercise really works your hamstrings! Come down on your back, lift your body up and walk your body in and out. Relax your head on the ground as you make little crab walk movements, it will really work those calf and glute muscles. Push your hips up and bring your knees into your chest and roll. Keeping your hips high and your lower back flat, keep walking outwards and inwards on the heels keeping pace slow and steps short. Hold the two weights firmly on your hips as you lift up and down. Extend as you walk in and out and keep pushing those heels into the ground. Keep your body raised off the ground, leaning on your elbows. Inhale through your nose and exhale out. Keep the BURN alive in the back of your thighs!

Leg Lifts on Hands Tap Across L & R : Come down onto the ground and sit on your booty. Extend one leg out, lift up and bend your other leg. Push down on the supporting leg as you keep one leg bent and are lifting the other leg up and down with your booty raised off the ground too! Your arms need to be straight unless you are doing the modified version and you can rest on bent elbows. Bring your hips in line with your leg as you extend out and push onto your hands. Keep breathing in through to keep going! For the second set tap your leg across your body. Change to the other side and repeat!

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift L & R : Stand with your feet shoulder - width apart and knees slightly bent with two weights. Hold the heaviest weight in the opposite hand to the straight leg for this exercise. Use your body to create a hinge action, keeping one leg steady as you move the other leg back and you move your arm down. Keep your back naturally arched and hinge your hips, holding the weight with one leg going back and as you move your body your arms go down at the same time. Keep your shoulders back and your core engaged, working those glutes and hamstrings. Release and repeat the same steady, controlled movement and lower your torso until it's almost parallel to the floor. As your body comes down and your legs go higher each time, you are then really working on shaping and toning those thighs. Shake out your legs and take to the other side. Feel the Burn with this exercise! Think about that hinge - see saw action! 

Single Leg Squat to Heel Raise : Stand on one foot with your other leg bent at the knee facing forward. holding two weights. Keep one foot on the ground and take the other leg forward keeping those weights by your side. Push down, bend one leg and move the other leg out in front of your body. Lift your body and squeeze, keeping your chest lifted. You can also make it easier by holding both arms out in front of you during the exercise to aid your balance. Once you are balanced on one leg, squat down as low as you can without losing your form or toppling over. Don’t let your knee go past the front of your toes while you squat. Pause at the bottom of the squat for a second, then push back up through your heel, squeezing your glutes as you go. Two actions for this exercise - Go Forward and Lift!

Plie Squats : Hold the weights at the top of your thighs and squeeze the glutes, core and inner thighs. Push your knees out to the side and push down onto your heels. Keep breathing in a steady way, working on those inner thighs all the time. Lift up through the chest as you push into the ground. Stand with your feet wide apart, toes slightly pointing out and holding a weight with both hands. Keeping your back straight and your torso tight squat down into a Plie Squat position, come back up and step your right foot directly behind you. Bend your right knee and lunge down, making sure your knee does not touch the floor. Stand up straight and step your right foot back to the start position with both feet wider than shoulder width. Turn and do the same on the other side. Push your knees out to the side and come back to the centre. Stay focussed - Stay Connected!

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