Have you checked out the ALL NEW  BACK & CHEST BURNER routine?
This NEW workout is gonna get you feeling lean & strong! You'll feel the BURN in your upper body! Just prepare yourself, you may not be able to tie your hair up the next day :-) 
Check out the 10 minute routine on Youtube and get the full-length (28 minutes!) version in the BURN app!
Make sure to LISTEN to the NEW PODCAST on personal development & checking for BRCA! 
We talk about BOOBS - and not mine! This week on IT TAKES GRIT, Amanda Loy shares how she had to take control of her life to live and gives us the insight about BRCA. You ALL need to listen to this & SHARE this to spread awareness! Very important to your health :-) 

I want to know what you got from this podcast - listen hereSubscribe via iTunes & Spotify for the latest podcast episodes every week! 


And don't forget about my NEW BLOG - TIPS for HOT weather workouts!

If you love to exercise outside, you might wanna be extra cautious of the extreme weather this summer! That doesn't mean we have to slack off with our fitness routine in the hot months - just change it up a bit! 

Look inside here for tips for working out in the HOT summer sun! 


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