ADVANCE THIGH workout - feel the BURN in your inner thighs!

ADVANCE THIGH workout - feel the BURN in your inner thighs!

Make sure you check out the ALL NEW  ADVANCE THIGH workout! 
Get prepared to feel the BURN in your inner thighs! I think this is the most intense thigh workout that I've made - you don't want to miss it! Remember that results are at the end of the routine - make sure to CRUSH the entire video! 
Check out the 10 minute routine on Youtube and get the full-length (28 minutes!) version in the BURN app!
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Rebel lawton
Rebel lawton
August 12, 2020

Staying motivated has been a issue and work commitments. I have had gym memberships and they don’t really cater for your needs as it’s one size fits all with classes. I am keen to lose 4 to 5 kg and to get motivated and stay on point with my fitness. Thanks Louise.