Abs & Cardio for Lower Belly Fat Burn

Abs & Cardio for Lower Belly Fat Burn

Lower Belly Fat Burn

This ABS & CARDIO FAT BURN Workout will help you burn fat in your lower belly and tone the muffin top! Join me as we get a CRAZY BURN in this 10 minute ab workout.

Abs & Cardio Workout

The workout will consist of:

  • Single Leg Drops L+R
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Laying Down In & Outs
  • Mountain Climbers
  • 90 Degree Knee Pulses
  • Fast Bicycles
  • Single Leg Bicycle Pulses
  • Across Body Mountain Climbers
  • Knees to Chest Standing L+R
  • 90 Degree Knees Pulses Straight Up
  • Extend Leg Out & In 90 Degree Chest Up
  • Toe Taps to Ground Knees 90 Degree 
  • High Knees
  • Reach Ups
  • Skater Hops to Balance 
  • High Plank Touch Toes
  • Up Dog No Hands
  • Sprinter Sit Ups
  • Russian Twists One Side
  • Half Sit Up Hold
  • Half Sit Up Pulse

Check it out here:

What was the hardest move?!

Get the full 28 minute version here!

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