Ab Challenge Workout

Ab Challenge Workout

Hello from Iceland! 🇮🇸 Cory and I have been in this beautiful country for the last 4 days and we absolutely love it! The sun has been shining, we have seen many beautiful waterfalls (one of my favorite things!) all we are waiting for now is a chance to see the northern lights! 🙌🏻 if you have any recommendations of places to see please comment on my @RebeccaLouiseFitness instagram! I've been posting lots of pictures of our trip so if you haven't seen the sights go take a look. It will make you want to book a trip! Iceland is one of the most expensive countries so our only night in a hotel before sleeping in a camper van we made a bunch of sandwiches for our time on the road! 🙈

We have a HUGE announcement coming in October. I've been wanting to stare this with you for so long and it's almost time 💕

We're going to crush that core with my latest AB CHALLENGE workout!! 💥 These moves will tone up your upper, lower, and side abs & have you feeling the burn the whole time - in the best way! 🔥 

Be the first to check it out HERE & leave me a comment with your video suggestions!



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