7 Tips on Workout Recovery

7 Tips on Workout Recovery

Some people under estimate the importance of workout recovery. If you don't take care of your body post workout, you can actually hurt your body!  Here are my top 7 tips on making sure that you keep your body feeling and preforming its best after a workout!

1.Warm up and cool down.

You must always warm up and cool down before a workout! It is so important! That's why I always add it in with my 30 day get fit plan! It’s going to raise that body temperature during the warm up and by raising your temperature it will help make sure you don't damage anything. The increased blood flow will result in a decrease of muscle soreness. Always make sure you always cool down afterwards to relive that  post workout muscle tension and to bring those muscles back to their original place.

2.Arnicare gel

 This is amazing for after you workout to help with stiffness and soreness. Its going to reduce pain, swelling , and bruises. It’s non-greasy, unscented and paraben-free and made from the arnica plant. So try this product after your done working out! You can find Arnicare in most stores!

3.Post recovery shake

You guys hear me say this all the time—a healthy lifestyle is 80% nutrition and 20% fitness. So if your not having a post recovery shake after you workout your not going to fully repair those muscles. You guys can try out my plan with my post workout shakes by clicking here.

4.Sleep and rest

 Probably the most important part as far as recovery. This is when your body is going to start getting those energy sources back and you need to give your muscles time to repair and recover. So if your doing a leg workout every single day you're actually not going to build the muscle. You need to have at least 24-48 hours off so your body has that time to repair. So doing an ab or leg workout everyday isn't actually going to get you those results, you need to have that rest and recovery in there as well.

5.Stretch regularly

 I cannot stress enough how much you need to stretch. Because when your sitting at your desk or doing something where your not opening up your shoulders or not elongating your spine- your shortening and contracting. You have to keep making sure that you have movement in your joints so if your sitting down for a while every hour or so maybe just stand up and stretch it out! Remember: we want to keep lengthening our muscles rather than shortening them!


 This is something that's actually going to help you lose weight and feel better. So many people do not drink enough water which is going to help with your recovery. All of our cells and our organs need so much water to work efficiently. So even if your a little dehydrated that's actually when your body isn't going to be able to recover as well as it could. So always make sure you have a nice big jug of water next to you and that you're filling it up regularly.

7.Fuel with food

You will not recover properly without restoring your body with the nutrients it needs. Think of your body as a plant, when you put the plant outside; it will grow. So imagine that as your body at the gym. If you don't give your plant some water --it's going to die. And the same goes with giving your body the essential nutrients it needs. So you want to make sure after you do a workout you first- have that post recovery shake and second-make sure you're still feeding your body all those proteins, complex carbs, good fats, vitamins and minerals to help your body recover.

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