7 Exercises for Weight Loss

7 Exercises for Weight Loss

Check out some my favorite exercises that target specific areas of the body for fat loss and toning! For optimal results, you want to work exercises like these into your daily fitness routine and make sure to mix it up!




1. Squat down and place palms on the ground on either side of knees.
2. Hop both feet behind you into a high plank position (squeeze glutes and core), then lower into a push-up.
3. At the top of the push-up, hop feet together in between your hands (returning to starting position).
4. Explode up into a high jump, extending arms straight above head, then return to starting position and repeat exercise from the top.



Downward dog

For optimized toning: engage your thigh muscles and rotate them inward, and do the same with your upper arms. Press down through your hands and heels - breathe!



Reverse lunge press

1. Stand with feet almost together and weights held at shoulders in 90 degree angle (palms facing outwards).
2. Step right foot back into a lunge, then push off your right foot and bring knee up to hip-height while raising arms above head (straight arm extension).
3. Step back into the lunge without your right foot touching the floor and bring elbows down so that your arms return to the original position.
4.Do 10-15 reps before switching legs.




1. Lie flat on floor with lower back pressed against the ground (pull belly button in) and bring hands behind your head with elbows out.
2. Bring the left knee into your chest while lifting shoulder blades off of the ground and twisting so your right elbow meets that knee in the center. The other, right leg is lifted straight off of the floor a few inches.
3. Switch sides, alternating with each knee-to-elbow touch.



Side hip raises

1. Start in a side plank position with elbow directly underneath your shoulder and feet stacked on top of each other.
2. Lower your body down to the ground until hip almost touches the floor.
3. Raise body back up into side plank position while engaging glutes.
4. Repeat movements and switch sides.



Reverse Flys

1. Bend forward at the hips until your torso is almost parallel to the floor, feet shoulder-width apart and arms extended straight down from shoulders (palms facing each other).
2. While keeping your back flat and torso still, raise your arms out to side until your hands are in a straight line with shoulders (forming a “T”).
3. Pause at the top, then return to starting position with controlled movement.



Arm circles

1. Raise your arms so that they’re aligned with your shoulders (or just below).
2. Make small forward circles with your hands, palms down, while keeping arms extended at same level.
3. Repeat for 30 seconds, then do the reverse movement for 30 seconds.
4. With arms still raised, make small up & down pulsing motions with palms facing down.
5. Repeat for 30 seconds, then repeat movement for 30 seconds with palms facing up.


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