5 yoga moves to BOOST your mood!

5 yoga moves to BOOST your mood!

As humans, we can get into a funk. Something puts us in a mood and our feelings start a snowball effect. Don’t get stuck in this! Research shows that a lack of oxygenated blood to the brain can make you irritated and moody. Good news - yoga helps you! Stretching releases endorphins and increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain!

Just the name itself is a mood booster! In this pose, you’re gonna lay on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Next, grab your feet in hands and tuck your tailbone into the ground. You can rock back & forth and just breathe. Stretch your hamstrings and let those endorphins flow. Think of something that you’re grateful in this pose!

Alright - it’s time to put that head down and the booty in the air! Downward down is an inversion that’s simple with great benefits. This pose will help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to mood disorders like anxiety and depression. And are you feeling hormonal? This is a game changer for managing PMS symptoms! In this pose, think of something you’ve done that you’re proud of!

Balance your body - balance your mind! For this pose, stand on one leg and place the bottom of the other foot on the inside of the standing leg - just don’t place near the knee area. When balancing we have to concentrate! We take attention from our mind and focus on our body and breath. Focus your thoughts on being present in this moment.

Open your heart, literally and figuratively! Now - close your eyes and picture yourself arching your chest and reaching your hands back to clasp around your ankles. Our mind follows where our body takes us - so when we increase the flexibility of our body, you increase the flexibility of your mind. You’ll start to feel stress and anxiety released. When comfortable, think of one relationship you value.

If you’ve gone to a yoga class - you probably have done this pose. It’s popular for a reason! It’s great for the brain and the body. You'll get a deep stretch in the back, hips, and thighs. This pose will calm the mind and will get your endorphins to flow. Focus on your body to breathe connection.

Once you have finished these moves, thank your mind and body for showing up. Thank your legs for taking you to the places you dreamed to be & took you out of the situations that were bad for you. Thank your arms for the gift of being able to embrace the ones we love. Thank for your heart for the ability to give love. Thank yourself for taking action on these gifts. When you start to get in a funk, break out in these moves and shift into this mindset of gratitude!

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