5 Tips to Enhance Your Training

5 Tips to Enhance Your Training

Changing up elements of your fitness routine can help you progress towards feeling stronger & getting more fit - here are some tips on how you can amp up your training at home!

Switch up your position

Even minor changes to a workout move can engage different parts of the body and lead to amplified toning results. For example: if you are used to doing standard squats, take your feet a little closer together or even a little farther apart to activate various muscle fibers that might not get as much attention in your regular fitness activities.

Try resistance

For an added challenge, incorporate some resistance bands into your routine - a lot of moves, ranging from arm, booty, and leg exercises, can be easily modified to safely practice resistance. Even a basic workout will feel new, and there are bands for every skill level!

Practice balance

There are plenty of ways to include balance in your daily workout by throwing in a foam roller, a ball, or inflatable disc. Just standing on one leg, whether single-leg deadlifts or flamingo-style bicep curls, will make you think more about the movements and shifting muscle groups while doing that exercise.

Combine workouts

You can add a new dimension to your routine AND save time by focusing on more than one area of the body during a single workout session. Your body will burn more calories with this kind of metabolic conditioning so you're making the most out of dedicated workout time!

Increase weights

You definitely shouldn’t be using the same weights for over 6 months if you work out regularly and want to boost the tone - chances are you aren’t progressing to your body's fullest potential! Try adding a little bit more weight every so often and avoid stepping it up too much at once to avoid injury.

Challenge yourself with new or different exercise forms and you'll see a better fitness outcome - enhanced training means increased strength, endurance, and shaping. Make sure to listen to your bod and practice safety when trying new things; look up proper modifications for moves and allow for plenty of muscle recovery time!

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