5 Exercises To Make Your Booty Pop

5 Exercises To Make Your Booty Pop

Ready to work that Booty?! Grab your new BTES Resistance Bands and add these 5 EXERCISES TO MAKE YOUR BOOTY POP Workout to your daily routine for an incredible Perky BUTT result! Start seeing results in as little as 30DAYS!

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Total-Body Benefits of the 5 Exercises To Make Your Booty Pop Workout 

Self -Discovery & Self Reflection : It is so important to have both of these  in your lives and as a part of your daily routine. It is easier to have control in your life if you have reflection about yourself. When you blame other people you lose control, don't let that happen! It is all about letting go of the things you have done that you wish you hadn't, but also learning from those experiences too! If you never look back at your actions you will never grow and that is why it is so important to dive in and dig deep!

Self-discovery is an ongoing process of stripping away all that is unimportant, reviewing your core values and seeking to live greater and better. Self Discovery is an unique, individual journey and self- confidence comes from being more in touch with yourself and understanding what it is that you want. When we live for others, it is hard to find the space to tend to ourselves. Through self-discovery, we can find a deeper connection between who we are and who we want to be, allowing us to truly tend to our needs.

The Process of Self-Discovery includes

  • Increasing understanding of who you are
  • Your personal characteristics
  • Your tendencies
  • Your emotions
  • Your needs and most importantly your value!

Discovering yourself is a continuous process. Your needs, wants and desires are dynamic in nature that means they'll change with time. Self-discovery is important because it will keep you updated with what you really desire now, at present!

Kickstart Your SELF-DISCOVERY with These 6 Steps

  • Know your strengths and use them in all areas of your life.
  • Assess the various areas of your life using The Wheel of Life tool!
  • Get to know who you were as a child.
  • Understand and connect to your core values.
  • Choose who will be your self-discovery partner.

Self-reflection is the key to self-awareness and it allows you to look neutrally at your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. Through this practice you will be able to look at yourself with newfound interest and curiosity. Self-reflection is a process by which you grow your understanding of who you are, what your values are and why you think and act the way you do. It is a form of personal analysis that allows you to bring your life into alignment with what you wish it to be.

Is it good to self reflect? Absolutely, as it allows you to gain perspective.  Some things seem bigger and worse than they truly are. Self-Reflection allows you to take a step back and gain perspective on what matters and what can be ignored. It allows you to process events and achieve clarity on them. Without self-reflection, we simply go through life without thinking, moving from one thing to the next without making time to evaluate whether things are actually going well. We don’t pause to think, to analyze, to determine what is going well and what isn’t working. The unfortunate result is that we often get stuck. 

Personal reflection allows you to consider the consequences of your words and actions. It also enables you to consider the best, most effective, most helpful way to act in a given situation. A lack of personal reflection may lead us to stay in a job we don’t like or a relationship that isn’t going well. A lack of reflection can cause us to simply keep running, trying to keep up with things even if things aren’t going well. We feel like we’re simply trying to keep our heads above water. We end up doing the same things over and over again, even if those things aren’t producing the results we had hoped for. 

Self-reflection enables us to evaluate and process what we’ve experienced. It allows us to think deeply and ponder the meaning of our circumstances, emotions, and motivations. It enables us to live holistic, integrated, and healthy lives. Learn what makes you happy, discover what you are good at, reveal what needs improving and improve your leadership skills. 

The benefits of self - reflection are wonderful! You will

  • Know your core values
  • Understand your purpose and potential
  • Face your fears
  • Improve your relationships
  • Sleep better
  • Be better at making decisions
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Think bigger! 

5 Exercises To Make Your Booty Pop Workout! What are we doing in today's workout?!

Dead Lifts : Put a Resistance bands around both legs and just above your knees. Start this exercise with a Squat Tap, stand tall and take your arm down. Tap the ground as you go down into a squat position. Keep the tension tight around your band. This will really activate your glutes and get them working hard! As well as maximising that booty pop! Push your knees out to the side and tuck your hips in. Keep your chest lifted.

Now grab two weights still keeping the resistance band above your knees and around your legs. Take your arms down into those Dead Lifts and pull all the way up. Now add the ankle weights as this is really going to help you build up those glute muscles even more! Inhale through your nose and exhale everything out. Breathe through this, extending and building up those hamstrings as you push down into the ground.

Single Leg Reverse Leg Lift Right Single Leg Reverse Leg Lift Left : For this exercise do 45 seconds on the right and then 45 seconds on the left! Lifting your back heel up, push forward with both heels. Extend your leg out to the back and lift up through your chest. squeeze through those glutes, rotate your hips and the push! Keep your core engaged nice and tight!

You got this!

Alt Single Leg Squat : Keep your ankle weights on tight around both ankles! Bring both of your legs together and slide your foot and leg out in front of you. Then do the same with the other leg. Try and get a bit lower each time. Push the weight down into your heel and push down on your foot into the mat. Push your knee all the way out. Keep sliding through and do not bring your heel down until you get all the way! Keep your movements smooth and controlled all the way through. 

Do Not Quit!

Give this 10 minute workout routine or get the full 30 minute workout on the BTES App!  

Want more? Need a bit more motivation? Then add the SEXY LEGS & BOOTY Low Impact HIIT WORKOUT!

Leave your comments below, let me know what workouts you want to see next!




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