5 Best Exercises To Lean Out

5 Best Exercises To Lean Out

Getting Lean and losing weight doesn't mean countless hours on the treadmill.

When creating a fitness routine to lean out, it is important to use a mix of compound movements, body-weight exercises, HIIT training and full-body workouts to build muscle and shed stubborn fat.

Building your muscles is the best way to obtain a leaner figure. You may be wondering, how does adding muscle make me leaner? Its simple! First, the more muscles you have the more calories you burn while resting because muscles increase your resting metabolic rate. Muscles take more to maintain in the body than fat! Just by having muscles you are already burning more calories throughout the day. Next, muscle is much more dense than fat so it takes up less space on the body. Being more muscular means being leaner. Join our community to lean out by signing up for our monthly challenge

Not sure where to start or what exercises to do? Lets dive into the 5 best exercises to lean out!

Best Exercise To Lean Out: Slow Plie + Jump

Featured in our Lean Legs Pilates Style Workout, a Slow Plie + Jump is a body-weight exercise. These types of exercises are a great way to build both your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. When you are changing your position, your heart rate stays elevated while your own body weight and gravity work together to strengthen your muscles. 

Body-weight exercises engage multiple muscle groups which in turn helps build and preserve lean muscle mass while burning fat. These exercises are perfect to perform at home or if you don't have access to a gym or equipment. Now there is no excuse for you to miss your workout!

Best Exercise To Lean Out: Running Man Punches

Running Man Punches are part of our Kickboxing HIIT workout. HIIT training burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time. These workouts are typically more intense and have many different movements involved. Running man punches is a great example of a short burst of intense exercise. 

Cardio kickboxing adds that element of following along with a certain combination, in a fast pace, but also offers the user the feeling of power and strength, using defensive fighting moves that gets the heart pumping and the body sweating! The difference between cardio kickboxing and regular kickboxing on a heavy bag, is that with cardio kick, you will move in a fast pace, switching up the moves rather quickly. 

Best Exercise To Lean Out: Deadlift To Rows

Deadlift to Rows, is a compound exercise that is in one of our videos called Head To Toe Heavy Weights. This type of exercise works multiple muscle groups at a time. By incorporating these exercises into your workouts you will work more muscles and build more strength. In the deadlift to row exercise you target your forearms, lats, triceps, glutes, hamstrings, core, upper, middle and lower back. When exercising to lean out, focus on compound movements and only take a short rest in between sets.

Compound exercises engage multiple muscles groups at once, allowing you to lift heavier weight. Over time this will lead to a greater increase in strength. Using a larger group of muscles at once, burns more calories in the same time frame, which is great for fat loss.

Best Exercise To Lean Out: Wide Steps

The Wide Steps move is part of our Resistance Bands - Full Body workout. Resistance training involves physical exercises which are designed to improve strength and endurance. Resistance is any type of force that makes a movement harder so any exercise where there is a push and a pull is resistance. Typically, weights are associated with resistance training, however it can come in many different forms, such as resistance bands.

Bands come in different strengths making them a great addition to your workout routine no matter what level you are at. Resistance bands give you a constant tension which is very beneficial when building muscle. Don't have bands yet? I have got the perfect set for you! Check out the BTES bands to add the extra tension into your workouts.

Best Exercise To Lean Out: Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are seen as a full body exercise which is featured in our Ab Attack Part 2 video. This is an efficient exercise because it works multiple muscle groups while increasing your heart rate. Full body exercises great for increasing your mobility and have many other benefits. 

Full body workout routines require less time at the gym or at home. Some people cannot commit to 5 days a week, so these exercises are a great way to get your workout in a few days a week while also saving on time. Full body workouts are also ideal fat loss. They require you to work each muscle group but have a shorter recovery time in-between sets. 


Equipment To Use To Lean Out

  • Bands - Lean muscle mass burns more fat and boosts your metabolism. Resistance training is a great way to shape up your muscles and decrease your body fat. Add resistance to your workouts with my BTES Bands
  • Weights - Muscle weighs more than fat, however muscle is much less dense and will take up less space on the body. More muscles on the body means more calories burned. It is more active metabolically than fat tissue. 
  • Water Bottle - Hydration plays an important role in both fitness and nutrition. It helps remove waste from the body. Water aids the body in metabolizing stored fats and carbs so drinking water is important for burning off fats from food and drink. Grab your 34oz BTES Water Bottle here!


We are talking about all things to LEAN OUT over the next couple weeks. Let me know in the comments how these workouts improved your exercise routines and helped you to GET LEAN! 

Love you lots,


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April 08, 2021

Question, I have read recently online for slim legs to not use any kind of resistance as it builds bulk, I don’t know what to believe anymore so much info & as for myself, I have been using weights on all my exercises except yoga & pilates, and it did help me at first lean out, if I practically starved myself, but now its like I’m getting bulkier legs & arms, and my bottom seems bigger & wider ever since I started using bands which was a couple months ago, None of this is what I want, other then slim & lean. I’m not sure what to do, can you give me some advice? I just came across your blog of lean exercises, so I am going to try those, but any advice would be helpful. Thank you!

March 08, 2021

Love all your workouts.You are s great motivator.