4 Reasons to do Resistance Band Workouts!

4 Reasons to do Resistance Band Workouts!

 Want to make the most out of your workouts? Resistance bands (or "booty bands") are a perfect exercise tool that anyone can practice with!



Resistance bands can be a great assist when it comes to more difficult exercises, making some activities more accessible for those who may struggle to follow through with certain movements. People of any age and fitness level are able to do effective workouts using bands, and a lot of exercises can even be done in a seated position or on the floor! Bands work your body like weights do by contracting and stabilizing muscle groups, and they won’t limit range of motion since these flexible rubber rings don’t rely on gravity for resistance!


You can get creative with resistance bands and really learn what it feels like to target specific muscle groups. Enhance your stretching practice or amp up your regular exercises - different grades of band thickness provide varying levels of difficulty, so you can add extra challenge to a workout routine no matter what the focus is!


Exercise equipment and gym memberships which allow you to access special workout tools can be costly, but most resistance bands come in variety packs suitable for all fitness abilities AND they're totally inexpensive! I love my BURN resistance bands because they are packed as a set of 3: one light, one medium, and one heavy strength, all in super cute colors! 


Resistance bands are lightweight, portable, and super bendy, so you can fit them in even the smallest pouches! Whether you're traveling, heading outdoors, wherever you're off to - you can have an amazing workout that fits in the palm of your hand!


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Arlen M.Pepito
Arlen M.Pepito
August 12, 2020

Love to have that band! Wanna try it!