30 Day Booty Workout Challenge

30 Day Booty Workout Challenge

Welcome to your 30 Day Booty Workout Challenge! 

Each day we are going to work those glutes with 100 reps of different exercises meant to grow that booty!! Get your BTES water bottles and resistance bands ready for 30 days of booty building exercises to lift, tone and shape your butt.

What to expect in the 30 Day Booty Workout Challenge?

We will be performing 30 days of single-move exercises that will help improve muscle definition in your booty. These will challenge the glutes and get them screaming for mercy! If you are looking to improve your booty, get it rounder and more toned and lifted, then you're going to absolutely love the next 30 days.

By adding in your resistance bands to these exercise moves, you can easily increase the intensity of your workout which is going to get you closer to that shapely back side! Check out my blog on 4 Reasons To Do Resistance Band Workouts to learn more.

Why do we need strong glutes? 

Your glutes are made up of three separate muscles - the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus. The maximus is the biggest muscle in your body! It is a powerhouse which gives shape to your butt and is activated when you raise your thigh to the side, rotate your leg, or thrust your hips forward. The medius and minimus work together and help the maximus with motions like lifting your leg to the side; those smaller glute muscles give you the ability to rotate your thigh outwards when your leg is straight and inwards when your hips are bent. So this muscle group is critical for performing all kinds of physical activity!

Strengthening your glutes will improve speed, agility, and jumping skills. Every time you take a step, your gluteus maximus stabilizes the pelvis, and this is important for runners: when your pelvis isn't stable, it puts pressure on your knees and ankles to compensate. An engaged backside prevents strained body movements, keeping you injury-free! Strong glute muscles make long-distance running less taxing so you can work on improving mileage and time.

Disengaged glute muscles harm our hip flexors (muscles that pull the thigh forward) as they become tight and rigid without proper forward propulsion, leading to stressed physical activity. Glutes reinforce pelvis motion and maintain integrity of movement in the hip joint, giving your lower back lots of support!

Don't forget about nutrition! 

As always, combining your exercise plan with healthy eating habits is the perfect way to get the butt you've always wanted. Achieving body goals requires 20% fitness and 80% nutrition - what you feed your body is either going to help or hurt the process of toning up, losing weight, creating muscle definition, etc! Not sure where to start with your nutrition? Click here for a customized nutrition plan! 


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Quick tips for each of the exercises in the 30 Day Booty Workout Challenge!

Day 1: Sweep Throughs - hands directly underneath your shoulders, tuck your tummy in towards your spine

Day 2: Bridges - squeeze your glutes up until your knees, hips & shoulders are in a straight line

Day 3: Squats - move that butt backwards, don't just bend your knees

Day 4: Laying Down Leg Lifts - make sure elbows are directly underneath your shoulders

Day 5: Alternating Reverse Lunges - keep your torso upright, front knee bent to 90 degrees as you step back

Day 6: Narrow Deadlifts - slight bend in the knees with your core engaged and your back flat

Day 7: Fire Hydrants - make sure your knee stays at a 90 degree bend

Day 8: Squat Pulses - lower those hips until you thighs are parallel to the floor 

Day 9: Heel Pulses - pull that belly button in towards your spine

Day 10: Bridge Pulses - booty off your mat & squeeze up 

Day 11: Alternating Forward Lunges - both legs bent at a 90 degree angle at the bottom of the lunge

Day 12: Wide Deadlifts - keep your lower back straight

Day 13: Standing Leg Lifts - all your weight on your planted leg, pull up through your knee cap

Day 14: Side Squat Walks - booty pushed back while walking side to side

Day 15: Alternating Side Lunges - stick that booty back and squeeze those glutes when in the middle 

Day 16: Diagonal Leg Lifts - try to keep your hips square to the ground

Day 17: Stand Up & Kneel Down - stay nice and low when you're in the squat

Day 18: Single Leg Deadlifts - keep your feet a little under a foot apart

Day 19: Plie Squats - straight up and down, do not push that booty back

Day 20: Single Leg Bridge - shoulders flat on the ground, no tension in your back

Day 21: Alternating Squat to Side Kick - keep your shoulders down and abs pulled in 

Day 22: Reverse Leg Lifts - relax your foot so you have more tension in your butt

Day 23: Reverse Lunge to Leg Lift - swing your arms to help with your balance

Day 24: Bridge Knee To Chest - press down with your opposite leg for balance

Day 25: Leg Back Pulses - tuck your hips underneath

Day 26: Narrow Squats - glutes pushed back & keep chest lifted

Day 27: High Plank Heel Raises - tiny small pulses

Day 28: Lunge Pulses - lean a little more forward to feel it more in your glutes

Day 29: Bridge Knee In & Out - keep your hips up and feet nice and wide

Day 30: Squat Jumps  - push your knees out to the side & keep breathing

AMAZING! You are absolutely going to crush this 30 Day Booty Workout Challenge. 100 reps, everyday to get you that plump bum. 




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February 10, 2021

Really enjoying my early morning workouts with you :) feeling really motivated 😊 Thank you Rachel x