3 Fall Fitness Tips!

3 Fall Fitness Tips!

Want to look bangin’ in your Halloween costume and indulge in all the pumpkin-spice goodness? Same and we CAN when we LEVEL UP our fall fitness goals!! As the seasons change, it’s always a great time to start fresh and start new routines. I’ve got all the tips you need to know to get started! 



The Fall air is perfect for taking your workouts outside. Make the most of it! Explore your surroundings by going on walks, runs, hikes, or maybe a bike ride. You can BURN calories and enjoy the crispiness of the season - BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! Also, you don’t have to have an intense workout every day to reach your body goals. 30 minutes of moving your body will do the trick! 


Fall is the best because of all the family time. That means that life is about to get really busy. Wondering how you're going to fit in a workout? Just take it home with you! Doing home workouts is an easy & speedy way to get your sweat on. If you're stumped on what workouts to get started with - download my BURN app! We have a structured workout calendar that’s gonna get you RESULTS! Plus - we sprinkled in some healthy pumpkin recipes in for the season ;-) 


What better way to challenge yourself than my FIRST EVER fall BOOTY CHALLENGE!? Wahoo! That’s right - we tone the booty throughout the month of October! You can join for FREE! All you have to do is: 

  1. Subscribe to the Youtube Channel
  2. Post 1 of the images below that say ‘I’M IN’ on your Instagram, tag @rebeccalouisefitness and #RLChallenge 
  3. Print off the BOOTY CHALLENGE poster and pin up on your wall
  4. Check-in each day on Instagram after you have done the challenge with a photo of you and the #RLChallenge

By the end of the month, you’ll have a perky peach just in time for Halloween! 

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