15 Minute Full Body Workout with Weights

15 Minute Full Body Workout with Weights


That Hip Dips Workout was a great routine for those of us looking to slim down the "love handle" zone and build side glute muscles for a more rounded hip area, and this week we're going to mix it up with an all new full-body blast!

It's critical to vary our exercise programs on a regular basis, so today I'm going to keep you moving while toning up arms, legs, abs, butt, and more! This is a good place to start for people who may find themselves focusing on one area of the body and neglecting another because it feels uncomfortable or more challenging - we're going to get doses of difficulty, though at some point you'll connect with the type of exercise that you prefer and we'll make it through the whole routine, even parts that you may not like to work out as much!

Here are the exercise moves you can expect in this week's 15-minute video:



Our bodies become more susceptible to injury when we focus on exercising one zone exclusively - it's important that we blend different kinds of activity into our fitness program, incorporating areas that need attention. A balanced distribution of weight and muscle allows our systems to function affectively, and you'll find that working out becomes more rewarding once muscle and endurance has been established in problem parts!

Eating a healthy diet will ultimately help you achieve fitness results, so remember that reaching body goals requires 20% fitness and 80% nutrition! Sometimes we're mislead about what a good diet is supposed to look like - fortunately, I have awesome Nutrition Plans that get people closer to their dream bodies every day! Personal coaching and meal planning will have you feeling amazing and looking fantastic!



Want to know how to mix up your physical activity and optimize your fitness routine? 30 Day Get Fit is the ultimate guide for getting you moving in a positive direction with your workouts and food program! Fun exercise playlists will keep you motivated all month long, and nutritious recipes are going to keep you on track with your diet plan. Make sure to print out the workout calendar so you can make notes about your progress!



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