11-Line Abs - Get a Toned Core

11-Line Abs - Get a Toned Core

 Get 11-Line Abs Starting Today! 


Hey friends! I hope you’re having an AMAZING day! I’ve got a great workout for you today we are getting those 11-line abs. Yes, we are, each and every one of us! This workout will tone your core and give you the 11-line ab definition you deserve! And remember,  if you want to level up your wellness journey, it’s 80% nutrition, 20% fitness, and 100% mindset. Check out the results from my amazing VIPs here — this could be you! 

Today, we’ll focus on specific exercises to sculpt your abs for the fastest results. The workout will consist of:

  • Low side plank elbow touch L+R
  • Knees in & out
  • Bicycles
  • Lunge jumps
  • 90-degree bent knee leg drop L+R
  • Heels to sky
  • Scissor kicks up & down

You can read along in this blog post to get a feel for the workout and then watch the video and follow along with me. Let’s get started! 


Low Side Plank Elbow Touch L+R


Low Side Plank Elbow Touch L+R


For the first exercise, we’re going to rock some low-side planks and elbow touches — 40 seconds on the clock. I am all about form — so during the workout, I’m going to be walking you through how your body should be positioned so you can get the maximum benefit. 

Come down to the ground and transition into a side plank. Support your upper body using your right arm, bent at the elbow, and lift your left arm towards the sky and then bend it so that your left hand is next to your face. Make sure that your hips are stacked on top of each other so that your core is engaged. 

Now, you’re going to twist your body toward the ground while still maintaining the side plank position. Bring your left elbow towards your right elbow and then return to the starting position, pulling your obliques upwards. Repeat this moment as many times as you can in 40 seconds.

All you have to do is keep on going the moment you feel like you want to quit. I promise you that if you can finish this workout, you’re going to see results. Keep imagining my voice in your head challenging you to keep going. That thought of quitting is going to zap straight out of your brain — you’ve totally got this! 

After the 40 minutes are up, it’s time to do the same exercise on the opposite side for 40 seconds. As an alternative, you can bring your hips down to the ground and do your elbow touches that way. Try to do as many elbow touches with your core elevated, but bringing your hips down to the ground is a great option if you are getting used to the exercise. 

After that 40 seconds is over, you’ve finished the first exercise. Incredible! 


Knees In and Out


Knees In and Out


Next up, we’re going to take it in and out. Start in a seated position with your knees bent and out to the side. Bring your arms behind your back with your hands facing forward and lean back so that your body makes a 45-degree angle. If you really want to make it challenging, bring your arms out to the side so that your core is supporting everything.

Now, lean back into your arms and straighten your legs. Keep your legs elevated above the ground and let the palms of your feet meet each other, and then return to the original position. Do you feel the burn? Make sure that you lift your chest up as you come back to a bent 45-degree angle position and that your knees are spread apart to engage that core. We’re going to go back and forth for 40 seconds.

As you perform this exercise, just think of the amazing work you’re doing for both your core and your thighs. You can push through any resistance because you know you’re going to achieve the results you want! 

Once the 40 seconds are up, you can release and come all the way down to the ground on your back and prepare for the next exercise.


Bicycle Crunches


Bicycle Crunches


I love bicycle crunches — they are one of the best exercises for engaging your core, increasing your overall flexibility, and working your obliques. 

Start on your back with your hands behind your head and your knees pointed toward the sky at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your chest is lifted up and let’s start these bicycle crunches slowly and controlled. 

Take your right leg and extend it horizontally, keeping your left knee in place at a 90-degree angle. As you do this, twist your core and head to the left with your elbows out to the sides. Don’t think about bringing your knee toward your elbow; think about bringing the chest up toward your knee. Now, return to the original position with your knees bent, and move to the other side, extending your left leg and twisting your core and head to the right. 

We’ll rock bicycle brunches for 40 seconds. Take this process nice and slow — remember, it’s not always about speed! By perfecting the form of the exercise, we’re going to get those 11-line abs. 

After those 40 seconds are up, bring your body forward and prepare for some lunges. 


Lunge Jumps


Lunge Jumps


We are halfway through, and you’re doing incredible!

We’ll start this exercise with your knees and hands on the ground with your body in a bridge position. You want your hands to be positioned directly under your shoulders. Now, transition into a plank position and then step forward with your right leg so that your toes line up with the wrist of your right hand. Keep your left leg in position, and feel that amazing stretch.

Next, we’re going to return to a plank position and take our left leg forward instead. Hold the position for a couple of seconds, and then go back and forth from each leg until you feel comfortable with the form.

If you’re ready to take this to the next level, it’s time to jump! Instead of taking a pause in the plank position, you’re going to “jump” from each lunge to the other. This is going to increase your heart rate and help you shed off any extra pounds while toning your core to the max. 

We’ll do lunges for 40 seconds. You can challenge yourself to jump lunges for the whole 40 seconds, or you can do a combo of jump lunges and typical lunges — whatever works for you! Just make sure that you’re confident with the lunge form before you go on to jumps. 


90-Degree Bent Knee Leg Drop L+R


90-Degree Bent Knee Leg Drop L+R


Next up, we have 90-degree bent knee leg drops. This one is also one of my favorites. You’re going to transition onto your back with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Tuck those hips in to engage your core! Now, bring your arms out to your sides, parallel to the ground, and extend your left leg up and down while keeping your right knee at a 90-degree angle. If your back starts to come up off the ground, just extend your left leg to 45-degree instead of a 90-degree angle. We’ll do this exercise for 40 seconds and then switch to the right leg for another 40 seconds.

To make this exercise harder, push that knee out further and bring your extended leg as far down to the ground as you can. If you want to make it easier, bring that knee in toward your chest and rest your arms onto your mat. Pull your abs tight into your belly button, which will help you have no gap between your mat and back! We’ll do this exercise for 40 seconds.

Once finished, rest your feet on the ground with your knees still bent, and shake out those thighs to prepare for the next exercise.


Heels to the Sky


Heels to the Sky


This one is super fun! We’re going to bring our hips and knees together and toward our chest with our calves extended upward. Keep your arms on the mat, resting at your sides in a comfortable position. Relax your head and shoulders on the mat, and take a deep breath.

Now, you’re going to bring your hips toward your chest in a thrusting motion while your hands give you stability on the mat. Your heels should be high in the sky as you bring your hips forward. 

You’ll have 40 seconds for this exercise. Just think — every single rep is going to count and bring you closer to your goals! You can feel the burn, and that burn is working for you! Don’t give up — let my voice challenge you to push past your limits and discover your strength. You’ve got this! 


Scissor Kicks Up & Down 


scissor kicks up and down


Last but not least, we have scissor kicks. You’ll start this exercise with your head and back on the ground and your legs at a 90-angle (or 45-degree angle). Now, pretend your legs are scissor blades and cross them back and forth, cutting an imagery piece of paper. Move your legs down slowly toward the mat, crisscrossing them back and forth, and as you reach the floor, raise them back up in the same scissor motion. 

As you do this exercise, make sure that there’s no gap between the floor and your back. That’s a big no-no. It will cause back damage, and your abs won’t be worked. Instead, tuck your belly button in and imagine pushing it toward the floor. You’ll immediately be able to tell the difference.

We’ll do this exercise for 40 seconds, and then guess what? We’re done, and you did such a fantastic job. 


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