Victoria Secret Upper Body

I know you love the Victoria Secret series so we are continuing with today's workouts for the upper body. Grab your weight and get ready to build your lean muscle and get toned! The 10-minute workout will burn your biceps, triceps and your back making you feel fit and strong. 

For this workout I am demonstrating with  albs and when I go full out on my heavy days I will take this sup to 12-15lbs. The medium weight day will be around 8-12lbs and for my light days it will be 5-8lbs. It is important to have a rest of 24-48 hours after you have worked a body part so you give your muscles time to recover and grow.

This is what the Fitness Calendar will be able to do for you. The monthly program is designed by me to get you the best results when using my workout videos. Because each day we a work a different body part with the right amount of rest in-between you get a personalized plan to help you know what exercise videos to do when!

Just three 10 minute workout videos each day will to get your metabolism going keep you in shape.. Get started now to finish off your Monday workout!