Selena Gomez Abs

My celebrity-inspired workouts are always super popular with you all, so I thought that this time around we would do some ab work inspired by the lovely Selena Gomez. Not only is she a great role model, but she always looks so put together. How does she manage to look so flawless all the time?! I can't answer that question, but I can help you get toned abs like Selena with this fabulous 8-minute ab workout! Are you ready to feel the burn in your tummy?

This workout is eight minutes straight of abs and I want you to keep everything tight and engaged the whole time. That is how you are going to really feel the burn in your tummy. Also, when we do the exercises on the floor, you want your back to be squeezed against the ground so that there is no gap whatsoever. Just pretend that I'm there cheering you on!

Happy Friday 🙌🏼 who is working out with me this weekend? 👙 #fitness #health #shoulders #bikini

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Working on your core strength is great because a strong and stable core is the key to performing well in your other workouts. Plus your core will help you stand up straight and have good posture. As I always say, getting the abs and the results you want comes down to 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. Feed your body with wholesome and healthy ingredients so that you are fueled and nourished! My nutrition plan will cover everything you need to know. Also, my Fitness Calendar was designed to make it simple to work out each day with me!


How are you liking my blog? Let me know and tell me what you thought of this Selena Gomez workout! What other celebrities inspire you?