How to Get Toned Arms

Bingo Wing Burn-Out!

Join me at the Hyatt Regency in Maui for a killer 15-minute arm workout. You'll need a set of weights for this one, because we're going to do a variety of moves to get a total burn in those bingo wings! Just take it one move at a time and stay with me throughout these 15 minutes, trying to keep up with your reps the whole time. We're really going to see the pay-off in those last 2-3 minutes! 

People often want to know how to achieve their desired results for their arm muscles. Well, it takes time and you need to be using weights that are a challenge. If the last one or two reps are not super tough, then you're ready to move up to a heavier weight! Also, fueling your body correctly will ensure that those muscles grow nice and strong. You can check out my Nutrition Plan to see what I use to replenish after I work out.

April is just getting started! If you haven't tried out my 30-Day Fitness Calendar yet, then now is the time! So many exciting new workouts from my travels are on there, plus you get early access to the new ones! 

If you want to see what happens behind the scenes and all the fun things you can do in Maui be sure to check out my Vlog channel. Defiantly full of laughs, being silly and exciting things we do on our adventures!