Quick Cardio with POPSUGAR

ARE you ready to sweat?

I was so thrilled to team up with the host of POPSUGAR Fitness, Anna Renderer, to give you all a quick cardio workout. This routine is just 5 minutes, but by the end I was out of breath, and you will be, too! These moves are going to get your heart rate up, give you more strength, and improve mobility. Who's in?!

Do more than Alphie did in this workout, please! These moves will get you sweating, but they will also work the upper and lower body. Do you like burpees? How about squats? Well, Anna and I put a new spin on things with some quick cardio exercises that incorporate these movements. The creepy crawlers and side shuffles will have you working on your mobility, but you'll barely notice because you'll be getting a good burn and sweat on!  

You'll also feel the muscles stretching as you work on some muscles that may not have been used in a while! Of course, there is some core work in here, too, because everyone wants to work the abs! 

People ask me how I have the energy and stamina to do all of these workouts and still talk through them. Well, I was out of breath after this one, but the truth is that consistency is key! I kept at it and didn't quit, and neither will you! My sports nutrition also plays a huge role in helping me feel energized for a workout, as well as recovering afterwards. Check it out on my Nutrition Plan, and I'll see you on the next workout!