Poolside Abs

Toned Abs Are Yours for the Taking!

Let's fine-tune our Palm Springs workout by focusing exclusively on the abs. We'll start with a bit of a warm-up to wake up the body and get you nice and warm. I've included some newer moves to challenge the abs even more! Of course, you can bet that my ultimate ab favorite - the plank - will be in this workout!

Remember, modifying the workouts is A-okay! I've been hearing from some fans who are worried that they can't do the workouts because they're recovering from an injury or illness. Well, I try to make my workouts accessible to as many people as possible! If you need to take it slower, drop the weights, or modify the workout in any way, you can. I never want you to hurt yourself; I just want you to do your absolute best! 

This workout is tons of fun because we've got plank moves, pulses and holds, as well as some moves where we'll be lying flat on the ground. Something for everyone! Except Alphie...I wish he were in this video, but you know how he gets! I suggest that you get yourself a fitness accountability partner who can push you to do the workouts and be your best self! With the new year coming up, it could be a great idea!

Be sure to tell me what you thought of this workout, as well as what you're doing for the new year! Is 2017 going to be your best year ever? The answer better be yes! Check out my previous blog post about how to have a healthy holiday and still enjoy the goodies and treats!