How To Get Ripped UPPER BODY

Let's Get Ripped!

I know the ab workouts are a huge hit, and today you're in luck, because we're going to get ripped abs and strengthen the upper body while we're at it! We'll focus mostly on our midsection, but you're also going to be feeling it in your upper body as well. So grab a set of weights and make sure that you're working out on a soft and supportive surface. I was in Maui for this video, so I was getting super hot and sweaty. If you're in the comfort of your own home, consider yourself lucky! 

The right nutrition makes a huge difference in your results. Sometimes people wonder why they aren't achieving their desired goals simply by exercising. Well, fitness is only one piece of the puzzle. Nutrition actually plays an even more important role than fitness, and without putting the right stuff into your body, it won't be able to work to its full potential. It's the same concept with an expensive luxury car. You wouldn't give it ordinary fuel! 

I've got you covered with both exercise and nutrition. You'll also get loads of motivation from me, so follow along on social media so that you don't miss a beat! I love traveling the world and bringing you inspiration and a smile to your face. We all have bad days, but when we lift each other up, amazing things happen! Be sure to check out my retreat page to learn more about next year's trip to Koh Samui, Thailand!