How to Get a Perky Butt

My Top Exercises for a Perkier Booty!

Here is another highly requested workout: How to Grow Your Glutes! If you are looking to improve your booty, get it rounder and more toned and lifted, then you're going to love the next 15 minutes I take you through. We're going to be working out from the warm and sunny island of Koi Samui, Thailand. Get ready to feel the burn, and maybe in the future you'll join me here for my retreat! It's going to be a wonderful opportunity to clear your mindset for positivity and goal-setting. Now let's get ready for some killer butt exercises!



What you look like tomorrow and how you feel is a result of what you do today! Think positively and work hard towards your goals in order to feel on top of the world tomorrow. If you say that you'll never get the results you want, then you'll never get there! Act and think like you've already achieved those results, and the circumstances will be influenced in your favor! Everything truly does begin with your mindset, which is why I make sure the Fitness Calendar includes the motivation you need to keep going for the entire 30 days!

I always say that you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. You can do this 15-minute workout today, and maybe tomorrow you'll do it twice in a row, or you'll add another video to it. Over time, the exercises become easier, and this is because you're getting stronger! Even if you didn't make is all the way through this time, I want you to keep trying because this is how progress is made.

At the end of the day, you can take control of your future. If you want results, get your headspace in the zone, set yourself up for success, adopt a positive affirmation or mantra, and make it happen! Every squat and pulse that you do is adding to that desired result. Think of the heat you're feeling in your muscles as the fire that you're burning to get the glutes you want. Let's live our best life together!


What's the deal with CHEAT days, you ask...? Well, all depends on what your goals are. I do love desserts after a good dinner! What's your favorite cheat meal?