You ask for the high impact workouts and here it is! Today you have got yourself a bad ass 10-minutes of blood, sweat and tears! Don't worry it will not be that bad as I will be talking you through the whole routine making sure that you do not quit.

Alphie can be spotted in the background on several occasions checking up on you and making sure that you are still going. Do us both proud and give it 100% over the next 10 minutes! Oh and then some more because we still have two more workouts to do today! Check out the calendar to get the other two videos, a schedule of fitness plans and weekly recipes!

We have really pushed the cardio and endurance during this workout which is awesome and now it's key to replenish yourself with great nutrients and hydrate! Always have a post recovery shake to repair your body and build your muscles after you have finished your workout! Check out the one I use on my nutrition plan.

Don't forget to let us know what you think of the workouts by commenting below. Alphie loves hearing what you have to say! He also loves sharing my secrets on his instagram @SirAlphie go follow him and see what he has been saying about me!