Hips and Butt with Le Coq Sportif

I had so much fun being in South Korea and filming workout videos for you with Le Coq Sportif. This was a highly requested workout so I hope you enjoy it! This workout you can use weights or like I have done filled up two water bottles with sand. You do not have to go out and buy expensive equipment, simply get two water bottles and either fill them with water or for something a little heavier use sand!

Good news is that I will be going back to South Korea in June to film more workouts for you so make sure you comment on the blogs and videos as to what you want to see next! Even more exciting is that I will be doing a live fit camp so you can all come and workout with me. Make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter so you are up to date with when the event will be!

I have found that people are looking for a really simply guide as to what workouts to do when. I was always really confused as to what time of the day to workout, how long for and what to do. Because the videos have no rest when we say we are working out for 10 minutes straight we really are! I created the Fitness Calendar to keep you on track every day with what workouts to do.

Each month you get a brand new 30-day program and you can join at any time. It doesn't matter what day on the month you join you will still get a full 30 days and the first 7 will be free so you can check it out and see if it works for you!

What you eat has a big part in how you look and feel to which is why I have added a recipe for you to try every Sunday. They are healthy options of some of your favorite naughty treats! Sunday is a great day you can get yourself prepared for the week. Getting your meals ready when you have time will make a difference when you are busy, in a rush and need to eat quick. If you need more support you can join my nutrition plan where you will get one on one help from my awesome team of coaches!