Get Toned

Alphie may be just fine with chilling out and keeping his muscles lazy, but I am going to push you to get up and go with this GET TONED workout. Grab a set of weights to add more resistance to the moves; this will help you put on lean muscle even quicker. This workout may only be 8 minutes, but it's going to work you from head to toe! We'll start with some crazy effective upper body moves, and then we'll move to our middle and work those abs to exhaustion. To finish up, I'm going to give you some leg exercises that will have you burning all over! Be sure to keep some hydration with electrolytes near you, and if you're unsure of what you should be eating before and after a workout, just head over to my Nutrition page and request more info!

How do you feel now? If you aren't feeling tingly, then you need to restart this workout again! You can always repeat the video to get extra calorie burn, and remember that the video library is filled with all kinds of workouts that will help you lose weight and tone up your entire body. If you aren't signed up for the Fitness Calendar yet, then what are you waiting for? It's a whole 30-day routine that tells you exactly which workouts to do, and I'm there with you every step of the way. I even give you a new recipe each Sunday! 


Don't forget to leave a comment with your suggestions! I'm always looking for new workout videos to make for you guys!