Full Body with Le Coq Sportif

Today you are getting bonus points because you have a full body workout that is 15 minutes long! Get ready to feel the burn for extra time that will get you one step closer to those results. I LOVE to see your transformations, it inspires me to keep making new workouts. Please tag me on Instagram RebeccaLouiseFitness and #RLTransformation so I can see your awesome results and tell you well done!

It is ok if you do not manage to get through the whole workout as in time you will. We all have to start somewhere and the fact that you gave it a go means you are on the right track! To keep you motivated and to know what workouts to do, follow the Fitness Calendar.

By following the Fitness calendar it will give you at least 30-minutes of workouts to do each day. All are following along with me so we get to exercise together for the full time! On Sunday's you will get a healthy recipe from me that will help you with your nutrition. 

Pictures say so much more than just the numbers of the scale. I recommend taking a picture of yourself in a bikini or sports bra and shorts at the beginning of your fitness journey with me. Each week take a photo to keep you accountable. The best part will be when you can post  your before and after picture to inspire others and also so I can tel you a big well done!